536 The Last Assassination

  It was too sudden when his world shattered. Lukas Lefebure watched as the blood from his grandson lay on the pool of blood of his own. Still, the war in Rossie continues but after the report of the malfunction of the Titan suits, he knew that everything went south. 

"Sir? Commands?" His secretary waited for his answer. 

"Retreat." He mumbled. "Get away from that woman far." 

"Which woman?" 

  Lukas showed his grandson how that woman controlled everything. They won the war without killing all of those people. His life was over as there were no more sponsors. It was all because of the Phoenix. Even without the Dragon Empire's backup or the EPUA, they won the war. 

"Let's pack up and leave." He said as the man nodded. 

"Where to?" 

"Far away. You know where." 


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