37 To Make It Clear

Xander raises his hand to stop her from speaking, "Don't believe the trash news out there. Just trust me!" His voice was firmer, and his eyes radiated honesty.

Scarlett was now confused about whether this man was actually honest with her or not.

Did he really not have a lunch date with Angela Lane? Or did they just happen to meet at the restaurant entrance!?

While Scarlett was lost in her thoughts, Xander took out his cell phone and typed quickly. A few seconds later, there was a 'ding' sound on Scarlett's cell phone.

She took out her cell phone and was surprised to see a new message from Xander. Confused about why he was sending her a message, she raised her head to look at him without opening the message.

Before Scarlett could ask him, Xander said, "That's CCTV footage. You can see if you don't believe me." He said, then stood up from his seat. "Good night!"

Xander left the dining room, leaving Scarlett to see his back disappear from her sight.


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