The billionaire's cook

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What is The billionaire's cook

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"How dare you splash that filthy, muddy water on me?" Flower's voice rang out angrily as she confronted Charles. Stepping out of his sleek car, Charles casually tucked his hands into his pockets, his eyes scanning Flower from head to toe. "It suits you," he finally muttered, a mischievous smirk playing on his lips. "What? You shameless, senseless jerk! If stupidity could fly, you'd be a private jet. Total scumbag," Flower retorted passionately, her frustration boiling over. And then, without hesitation, she swiftly delivered a sharp kick to his unmentionables. Charles groaned in pain, but fate had more in store for him. Flower's fury propelled her to give him an unexpected yet forceful push, sending him tumbling into the muddy water below. A burst of hearty laughter erupted from Flower as she swiftly turned on her heels, making a quick getaway from the scene. ... Flower Cunningham had always dreamt of becoming a renowned chef and owning one of the trendiest restaurants in Las Vegas, USA. With her exceptional culinary skills and the ability to lure anyone in with the tantalizing aromas of her food, Flower thrived in the fast-paced world of gastronomy. She dedicated her life to perfecting her craft while balancing the responsibilities of caring for her disabled father, loving mother, and her supportive siblings. On the other hand, we have Charles Hamilton, the epitome of wealth and popularity, not just in the USA but across the globe. As the enigmatic and elusive billionaire, Charles was the face behind Hamilton's Group—the behemoth conglomerate with numerous divisions worldwide. His mysterious demeanor often left his employees puzzled, trying to decipher his ever-changing moods. When Flower and Charles first crossed paths, it was nothing short of chaotic. It became an unforgettable moment that would shape their lives forever. As fate would have it, Flower was soon employed as Charles's personal chef, marking the beginning of a thrilling game.

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I recommend this book. it is a must read. it is well written, nice plot. You should read this book.


A compelling read by all standards. Though I must admit from your description it made wish you had included a pic of Flower. Good effort.


Hottest billionaire tale on the block am addicted and loving it to bits.


Shameless author here . I like giving a review to my book and I hope you like what I crafted. please do give reviews, add to library and give power stones.


I am in love with this story. I got hooked from first to third chapter. I do not want to give any spoilers because I am so happy with the way this was crafted. Kudos author.


love the aroma or romance already.Nothing beats this one,that's for sure.


I recommend this book to everyone to read it so interesting I will love to read more can't wait


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