The Billionaire’s Promise Book

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The Billionaire’s Promise


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“I have bad news Boss. Your wife was kidnapped from the cruise ship. Her bodyguards colluded with the kidnappers.” “What? “ The pen he was holding snapped into two. His face contorted in fury. “Find out who the kidnappers are right now! Exhaust all resources to bring her back!” He commanded urgently, his voice filled with both anger and anguish. “Bo… Boss. Their get away boat was caught in a tornado and has capsized. The kidnappers’ bloated bodies were recovered. Your wife is missing.” The assistant was scared to say that probably his wife is also dead. Time stood still. Erik felt as if an iron fist squeezed his heart. It stopped beating for a few seconds and he cannot breathe. Clutching his chest, He staggered backwards and fell down as he lost consciousness. *** Meet Erik Lee. He is from a broken family but has an exceptional business acumen. Despite his dark past he became a self made billionaire at a very young age. Aryana Jones is a very beautiful mixed blood woman whose father was Erik’s chauffeur. She hated Erik because he stole his father from her and was the reason for his death. When they met again, he saved her not just once but twice. She has forgiven him for while she hated him in the surface, she has also loved him from the bottom of her heart for as long as she can remember. During their chanced encounter, Erik remembered the promise he made to Aryana’s father when he died in his arms 6 years ago. Who would have thought that when Erik fulfilled that promise, he had caused Aryana too much heartache and exposed her to unknown dangers. Amidst the schemes of their enemies especially the calculative woman who was Erik’s first love, will Aryana survive?


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