1 She's back

"Where the hell is Bai Yi Chen!!"

A haggard-looking man in his late fifties yelled out in anger, his voice echoing loudly across the entire broadcasting station,

"Where is he?" The man questioned as he roughly combed his hands through his hair and turned to glare at the female standing behind him who hesitantly shook her head as a gesture to indicate she had no idea yet, causing him to snap his eyes shut in frustration.

And immediately they spotted the stressed look on their director's face, the crew members who were standing by the control room's entrance; about to enter, quickly averted their gaze and switched to another course, no one dare to mess with him, especially on a day like this because they could all sense the unusual bustling atmosphere in the broadcasting station, except for the news anchor who had decided to come late.

"I'm here." Bai Yi Chen announced as he nonchalantly strode into the broadcasting room,

"Bai Yi Chen, you…" the director instantly stood up with a dumbfounded expression on his face as he watched Bai Yi Chen who immediately grab his micro piece before heading towards the stage. Deciding to put a rest to his anger, for the time being, the director immediately signaled for the cameras to begin rolling.

"Good evening everyone, reporting live from Nanchun Broadcast, I'm Bai Yi Chen, your anchor.

It's been two years since the inauguration of the new CEO of Royals Groups and since then, a lot of magnificent changes and growths have been occurring compared to their competitors, except for the raising suspicion of the whole country about why the company deemed it fit to hide the CEO's identity, but at their last executive's conference, Royals announced to the stakeholders and board members that the CEO will be attending the next meeting which will be taking place today.

I would say it was quite an announcement that has kept everyone curious about the secret to Royals group's ever-growing success on their toes, including me, and as you can see from the live feed on the screen, reporters from all over the country are camped outside the company's building as they wait for the CEO's arrival.

Why don't you all sit tight for a few minutes while I hand over to our field reporter, who will be reporting to us directly from there."



Feng Tian stared at the man on the television screen in front of her with a cold look, the expression on her face slightly flickering for a second before it quickly reverted to its original state as she gently raised the remote control in her hand toward the television screen to switch it off before gently pulling herself to her feet and then moving to stand by her office window.

Staring down from the window, she could see the huge crowd that were gathered in front of the company; Others will think the crowd gathered were her well-wishers, but she knew quite well who they were, they were all people who were ready to eat her alive the moment she stumbles.

'From now on, Chun Huan no longer exists, you are Feng Tian, my only daughter and the heir to Royals group, remember that!'

It is said that the heart of a man is desperately wicked, Feng Tian never believed that until she became a victim, right in this same city, her life took a huge turn, a turn that came unexpectedly like a tsunami, ready to destroy everything in its way, and she just so happened to be its victim, but now she's back, back and strong enough to take down her enemies without showing mercy just like they had done to her five years ago.

Sighing as she felt the cold wind bite through her skin, she quickly pulls herself away from the view while debating whether to run for her life now or finish what she had started.

She lightly traced her fingertip around the necklace on her neck as she stared at the huge sign on the billboard that read Royals.

"It's finally time." Feng Tian muttered lowly to herself and while she was still lost in her reverie, she didn't even notice the presence of the man in the room until he slowly dropped a jacket on her shoulders.

Grabbing a hold of the jacket, she briefly turned to face him; releasing a weak smile before they both turn their attention back to watch the view.

"Feng Tian, it's time." Li Wei finally muster the courage to say, causing Feng Tian to smile at his cuteness, she could feel the tension rolling off him the moment he had stood beside her,

"Even I am not this nervous," She whispered as she handed back his jacket before making her way toward the door.

"Wait…" Li Wei called out, causing her to stop in her tracks,

"You know that once you open that door, there's no turning back, right?"

"I decided that already… five years ago." She replied before pulling the door open.

Feng Tian's entrance into the hall had left the waiting crowd stunned with their mouth hanging, especially the female reporter who had the Nanchun press badge stuck on her chest.

Gently signaling for the stunned executives to take their seats, she slowly examined their facial expressions which were becoming more satisfying by the minute before beginning her speech.

Behind her closed doors, she had watched and listened to the executives over the years express their dissatisfaction both at the office and outside of work, their questions being: Was the CEO a defect, where did the adopted child come from all of a sudden, who could it be, how can someone unable to reveal their identity manage this company?

Feng Tian could completely understand them, the fact that had to obey someone who except for her name they knew nothing else must have been quite unacceptable, but for the main time being they have no choice but to accept her.

After she concluded her speech, Feng Tian then proceeded towards her designated seat but before she could take her seat, she was suddenly interrupted by the voice she knew too well,

"Pardon me for being rude, I'm Song Jiayi from Nanchun Press. Even though it's late, I would like to congratulate you on your appointment, I have a question I would like the CEO to answer." Song Jiayi said, immediately Feng Tian raises her hand on noticing Li Wei who was about to stop the reporter causing him to immediately seize his movement before signaling to the reporter to ask away.

"Considering the fact you are here today, hale and hearty have clearly gotten rid of the rumors concerning your health which was considered as the main reason for your hidden identity, which means you intentionally hid your identity, so I would like to ask, is this some kind of new business strategy, or..."

"Miss Jiayi, may I ask if there is any rule that says I have to show myself to run this company?" Feng Tian questioned with a straight face,

"It's a fact that Royals has not stopped growing, and this is to prove to the whole world that Royals is not just the Fengs, it consists of a whole body of employees who are willing and able to complete the task I have assigned to them correctly without needing me to supervise them physically." Feng Tian answered. 

Afterward, silence filled the entire room for a second as though the people inside the room were all taking their time to allow her words to sink in, but the moment the second passed, the entire room erupted in a fit of mumbling and murmurs, causing Feng Tian's lips to lift in a slight smirk as she watched the reporter gently nods and slowly took her seat. 

While she watched the entire room, Feng Tian slowly rested back on the throne-like chair and gracefully crossed her legs. The throne looked like it was made for her, one which had been preserving itself for the befitting ruler. Not just any ordinary ruler, a ruler who had returned like a Phoenix.

Anyone looking could tell Feng Tian was the queen and her empire was Royals. She had come to rule, but... This queen, what was her goal? Why has she come to Royals?

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