The Bigshot Vixen Wants Me Book

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The Bigshot Vixen Wants Me


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RE-EDITING IN PROGRESS (Kindly bear with this little author) : Mature content R-18+ ★★★★★★★ "Then why is Miss Feng here?" "Since you refused my first offer, I have a new proposition for you?" Holding his gaze, Feng Tian stood, taking each step slowly towards him before proceeding to lean on the table in front of him. "I. Want. You. To. Be. My. Man." ★★★★★★★ He was her redemption and she was his vixen, they couldn't be more perfect for each other. Five years ago, Chun Huan watched powerlessly as her whole life was being torn apart, she then swore before the heavens to pay back those who took everything from her in two folds. Now, reborn as Feng Tian, a name clouded with mystery and great power, she returns to a world where her enemies have forgotten all about their grave and cruel mistake. Fate, however being fate, has a different plan in place. In exchange for her new life, not only must she bring retribution upon the evildoers and set everything back in place, she must also protect the man whose act of kindness towards her had cost him dearly. Determined to make her mission smoother, Feng Tian devise an unconventional plan: to make him her man. A connection forged in a crucible of revenge and allure, their complex web which had already being intertwined began to grow stronger. But the path to redemption is never easy and as Feng Tian navigates her new life and her new mission, more dangers continues to loom in the dark and the stakes have never been higher. ★★★★★★ Follow me on social media. Instagram: @zzetania P.S ( The picture used for the cover does not belong to me.)


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