The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Yao Tang, the daughter of the Yao family who mistakenly exchanged at birth, was finally found. Unexpectedly, since her parents felt that she was embarrassing, they never recognized her as their own, and claimed that she was a relative's child who came to live with them. Everyone thought that Yao Tang was just a bloodsucker who was greedy for glory and clung to her "relative's" family. Her father, Yao Feng, registered Yao Tang at the Municipal No.1 Middle School for school. Since Yao Tang failed all of her subjects, she was rejected by the teaching supervisor. When Yao Feng left with Yao Tang, he met the principal of No.1 Middle School. He quickly went up to greet him, but the principal walked past him and tugged at Yao Tang excitedly. "You're finally willing to come to school!" Yao Tang bumped into Cheng Yan, who had once saved her life. Cheng Yan's friends were all convinced that Yao Tang was a gold-digger and waited for her to ask Cheng Yan to pay. When the bill came, Yao Tang quietly rummaged through her bag. Cheng Yan's friend said, "See, she's just stalling for time and waiting for Brother Cheng to pay!" Yao Tang took out a diamond-studded card. "Waiter, how much discount am I given for this card?" The waiter replied, "Honored guest, our diamond black card entitles you to spend here for free!" After that, a group of elite bigshots appeared. The heir of a top corporation posted, "CEO Yao, you've been on leave for a long time. Come back to work!" The international hacker group flooded computer screens everywhere. [To Yao Tang: Boss, it's fine if you don't come back to work, but can you not assault your own database?] When the usually emotionless prince, Cheng Yan, saw his little wife being surrounded, he flipped the table angrily. "Everyone, stay away. This is my wife!"

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Chase Her Away

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Meng Yang had gone to the supermarket to buy a few things when he bumped into Yao Ran and the group.

As soon as Yao Ran spotted the tall man, she immediately shifted her gaze to somewhere else, pushing her thoughts at the back of her mind. What she didn't expect was to see the girl beside her do the same, blushing bright red. Her eyes flashed.

That girl was none other than Ruan Qing. Her family had just struck the gold mine, and immediately, her social standing shot right up to the skies. However, while she saw herself as far better compared to her other peers, she was still a few notches off from being a part of the social circle of rich and powerful.

Ruan Qing and Lu Yan had a pretty good relationship.

It seemed that she also liked Meng Yang.

Yao Ran gazed calculatingly at her friend as a smile slipped into her lips. "Qing Qing, why don't we eat over there–see if there's anything that Lu Yan likes to eat?"