1 Reborn into a Novel?

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"Xiao Man, you're awake! Quick, call Master and the Young Masters and tell them that she's awake. Tell them to come over quickly!"

Hearing the noisy voices, Shi Man slowly opened her eyes. What greeted her was a high-end decorated room and a gentle and beautiful woman.

"You…" Who was it?

Before she could say anything, the woman hugged her.

An elegant fragrance filled Shi Man's nose. It was completely different from the familiar smell of blood and ammunition.

"Xiao Man, you scared Mommy to death." The beautiful woman hugged Shi Man as she sobbed.

Mom? When did she have a mother? Shi Man was puzzled.

Ever since she was born, she had been adopted by the organization and raised as an agent. She had never experienced kinship.

Today was supposed to be her first day of retirement from her career as an agent. Unexpectedly, the organization was planning to clean her up and not really let her retire.

In a fierce battle that ensued, she tried her best to launch a counterattack against the organization and escape.

Then… she fainted by the roadside. She seemed to have died.

The resistance had exhausted her last bit of strength. Even if she escaped, she did not get far.

Every time she moved, her wounds would tear and bleed. Shi Man did not have much strength to support herself. Her last shred of memory stopped at the roadside. After she collapsed, her consciousness dissipated.

So where was this place? Could it be a trap set by the organization?

Thinking of this, Shi Man suddenly pushed away the woman hugging her, and put on a defensive stance.

Wait a minute!

Shi Man stared at her hands. These hands were obviously not hers.

There were no calluses on her fair and slender palm. Her nails were trimmed very exquisitely and were painted with pink and translucent nail polish. Looking down, the gauze wrapped around her slender wrist had traces of blood, and the bright red color was especially dazzling.

"Xiao Man, what's wrong…" The woman watched as Shi Man pushed her away. Her joy turned into sadness, and she even began to sob." It's my fault. I will definitely let Yi Zheng marry you. Don't be angry with me. " The woman cried as she spoke.

Yi Zheng? Shi Man was stunned for a moment. This name was so familiar. Wasn't this a character in the novel she had read to the target's daughter when she was working undercover as a maid?

"Yi Zheng… doesn't he like Su Tang?" Shi Man tentatively said the name of the female protagonist in the novel.

When the woman heard Su Tang's name, she instantly stopped crying and said righteously, "No matter how Su Tang seduced Yi Zheng, Yi Zheng is your fiancé. As long as you like him, Mom will never allow them to be together."

It was as she had expected. Shi Man held her forehead. It seemed that she had transmigrated to the body of the female supporting character in the novel she had read.

When she read the novel to that young lady, she was a little unhappy because the vicious female supporting character in the novel had the same name as her. She was called Shi Man.

In the novel, Shi Man had a strong family background and was the only daughter of the family. She was the apple of her mother's eye, and her four brothers doted on her unconditionally.

The only person who could rein her in slightly was her father, Shi Zhong. However, Master Shi was a slave to his wife. With her mother backing Shi Man, Shi Zhong often couldn't do anything to her.

As for the male lead, Yi Zheng, he had been engaged to Shi Man since she was in her mother's womb.

The Yi family and the Shi family were close. In the past, when the Yi family was in crisis, it was the Shi family who helped. The two families were as good as one.

Therefore, after Yi Zheng was born, Old Master Yi always wanted to arrange a marriage with the Shi family. However, at that time, Shen Xian was still the mother of four sons. Everyone had always been looking forward to the Shi family welcoming a little princess.

Therefore, after Shi Man was born, she enjoyed the love of the two families.

However, she, who had a good hand, crushed her cards in the game of life.

In order to obtain the male protagonist's attention and love, Shi Man used all sorts of methods to provoke the female protagonist, Su Tang. She died when she was later thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena by the male protagonist. In order to avenge her, her family broke up with the Yi family and had a tragic ending…

She did not know if the supporting actress was stupid or wilful, but Yi Zheng was really selfish.

Shi Man narrowed her eyes and looked at Shen Xian, whose face was filled with heartache and worry. She actually felt angry.

Because the supporting actress had hurt the person he liked, Yi Zheng did not hesitate to kill her and even caused the death of the Shi family. Such a person was not worthy of being her fiancé.

"I don't love Yi Zheng anymore. Let's cancel our engagement." Shi Man cleared her throat and tried to speak with this little girl's body.

She was indeed a pampered young lady. Even her voice was so delicate and lovable.

"Xiao Man, what… what are you talking about?" Shen Xian widened her eyes in disbelief.

In the past, she had seen how Shi Man had quarreled with them in order to be with Yi Zheng. Two days ago, she had gone to seek death for Yi Zheng's sake and slit her wrist to commit suicide. Why did she cancel the engagement when she woke up today?

"I…" Shi Man wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by the person who barged in.

"Xiao Man! How is Xiao Man?" A person rushed to the bed and saw Shi Man sitting on the bed in a daze. He hugged her. "Xiao Man, you scared me to death."

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