37 Chapter 37: Ruining Her Face

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Arthur North and Lilian Lopez had very few scenes together. Other than one scene on the first day of filming, they didn't have any shared scenes after a week passed.

Occasionally, when they ran into each other on the film set, Lilian would roll her eyes from afar, but Arthur would completely ignore her.

Lilian was very popular, and the actors in the drama crew, sensing her dislike for Arthur, followed suit by isolating him.

Fortunately, Arthur enjoyed solitude; their isolation actually made his time on set more enjoyable, as it saved him from having to interact with others.

Today, Arthur had several fight scenes, and all were with the martial arts instructor and extras.

It had a sense of a one-man-against-all fight to break through enemy lines.

While Lilian and George Dunn were filming, Arthur practiced routines with the martial arts instructor.


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