33 Chapter 33: Third Master Comes to the Door

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Johanes Miles' voice wasn't loud, but James Collins heard every word clearly.

Fury was about to burst from his peach blossom eyes. He raised his foot, ready to step forward and hit someone: "Damn it, this b*stard!"

But Kevin Clark held him back.

Swiveling his wrist, James tried but failed to break free. He glared at Kevin.

Kevin's expression was calm, except for an eerie glint in his eyes, "Don't distract her performance."

"Huh?" James was genuinely confused and his annoyed expression appeared rather comical.

Kevin pulled him back and paid no more attention to him, instead focusing on Daisy Zane.

After hearing Johanes Miles' words, Daisy chuckled, "Is there something wrong with your brain? Why are you laughing at me? You're the one who cheated."

"You! You…" Rage colored Johanes Miles' face, and in a low voice, he snapped, "Even if no one laughs at you, what about your mother? Where do you place her?"


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