The Big Bang Assassin (The Big Bang Theory)

A police officer from the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, is killed while setting up an ambush to capture drug traffickers, and when he wakes up he finds himself in a waiting room at a hospital. Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this novel, except my own original characters, do not belong to me, as does the book cover. If the original author would like me to remove it, please get in touch. English is not my native language so any mistakes please forgive me

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Chapter 55: Time Passes and School

Six years have passed since I started training with Connor. During this period, many things have happened. One of these things was my 16th birthday. Although my own family doesn't celebrate my birthday, Connor and Paige do it every year, which honestly warms my heart.

As I was walking through the school hallways thinking about these things, I saw a skinny boy and a chubby boy with backpacks hurrying along. Before I could avoid them, the chubby boy bumped into me, making me fall.

Despite training with Connor, who is a true psychopath, and my physique having constant changes over the years, making me quite toned, a person who weighs over 100 kilos can easily knock me down.

"Hey, aren't you going to apologize?" I said to the chubby boy who was hurrying along, not even looking at me as he murmured to the skinny boy next to him.

Sighing, I let out a "There are rude people everywhere" and got up. It's a bit strange to have encountered two people in the school hallways at this time. Last night, I had a special training with Connor and Paige. Honestly, despite being used to it, Connor's creativity for crazy training is surreal, so I couldn't wake up in time for the first periods of class. But this happens constantly, and the teachers and school guards are used to this situation.

Although they are used to it, this hasn't affected my performance at school; I am still the top student.

As I entered the classroom where the teacher was explaining something, I was met with glances that soon ignored me.

I then headed to the back of the classroom where the last free seats were and sat down to listen to the lesson.

After a few minutes of feeling bored while the teacher explained, I heard familiar and at the same time unfamiliar sounds in the background, a dry sound similar to an explosion… it even sounds like…

As soon as I thought of this possibility, I abruptly stood up, startling my classmates. The teacher looked at me strangely and said, "Leonard, if you have something to say, say it. There's no need to disrupt the class just because you don't need to attend."

Completely ignoring the teacher's remark directed at me, I got lost in thought, and soon I was interrupted by the sounds again, only much clearer and accompanied by piercing screams in the distance.

"What's happening out there for all that screaming?" said the teacher as he headed for the door amidst the intermittent murmurs of the students.

When the teacher opened the door, he was dazzled by a flood of students running desperately with tears in their eyes, some bloodied and others limping.

"What the hell," said the teacher as he tried to stop some students to understand what was happening, which didn't work very well because an angry student pushed him, causing him to fall and be trampled by other students.

Seeing that situation, Leonard quickly grabbed his backpack, certain of what was happening, and ran toward the nearest bathroom.

As he ran and knocked down some students, the noises became clearer, bringing with them the symphony of death.

Boom Boom Boom.

With the sound of gunshots in the background, Leonard quickly composed himself and again fell into thought, having flashbacks of what happened a few minutes before when he bumped into two boys carrying backpacks.

"It was probably them," he said to himself while washing his face with water to help clear his thoughts.

Leonard then looked at the mirror in front of the sink, reflecting the image of a 16-year-old boy with a fragile appearance. His eyes shone with determination, and then the boy opened his backpack and took something out.

As soon as he took the object from the backpack and placed it on his head, he looked at the mirror again. The fragile appearance was gone, and then he looked back into the bag, a Beretta 9mm pistol that had been given to him as a 16th birthday present from Connor, who said it was the first one he used.

Placing his hand on the grip of the pistol and feeling its weight, Leonard then took an Apple cellphone and dialed a number.

"Dororororoo Dororo," the call was answered, and a deep voice was heard on the other end.

"Leonard? What do you want? Shouldn't you be at school?" said the man on the other end, and Leonard responded,

"Connor, there's been an attack at the school. I think it's two students, one skinny and one chubby, both dressed in black. Can you help me?"

Connor on the other end was silent for a few seconds and then said,

"Is that all? If that's all, I don't think you need my help. I trained you for this type of situation. Stay calm, and everything will be fine. If you can't handle it, just call S.W.A.T. But they're just two brats looking for attention; I think you can handle it. Well, I'll be watching you."


After speaking, Connor hung up on Leonard.

Taking a deep breath, Leonard placed his backpack in one of the bathroom stalls and slowly walked out.

In Princeton, in a luxurious and cozy house, a man of 1.75 meters walked towards the balcony with two cups of coffee in hand and sat at a table on the balcony.

"Your coffee," said Connor as he placed the coffee in front of a woman.

"Thank you," she said, not taking her attention off the computer screen, absorbed in what she was seeing.

Connor looked at the woman in front of him and began to appreciate her.

"You know, Paige, I think I made the right choice," said Connor while picking up a cup of coffee and drinking it slowly, his eyes never leaving Paige.

"What are you referring to?" she asked, diverting her gaze from the computer and looking at the man in front of her.

"I like how things are going: college, the company, and what we've created together," said Connor while listing a few things.

Giving a disappointed sigh, Paige picked up her coffee and took a sip, and Connor continued,

"And of course, you. I'm sure I made the right choice. As far back as I can remember, you've been by my side, through good times and bad. Remember that time when I was teaching you to jump? Because of a slip, we fell right into a trash can… It was incredible."


While giving a cute laugh and appreciating the words, Paige said, "What's the point of saying these things now? Wasn't it two years ago that you said you loved me? Although I still hold a grudge for making me wait so long."

As we laughed and talked, I brought up the topic of Leonard.

"So, this is happening now?" said Paige with a playful smile on her face. She really hasn't changed much since then. She started typing on the keyboard at an astonishing speed with a mischievous smile.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

"Well, aren't you curious about what Leonard is getting into right now?" she looked me in the eyes and then quickly diverted her attention as she exclaimed, "Got it! Let's see," she said while typing and then shouted, "Found it!" Paige then got up and sat next to me with the computer. On the screen, a familiar figure was shown walking through the school, navigating around some people lying on the ground. Another camera showed two armed individuals inside a classroom full of students lying on the floor, some with their hands on their heads.

  -End The Chapter-

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