The Big Bang Assassin (The Big Bang Theory)

A police officer from the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, is killed while setting up an ambush to capture drug traffickers, and when he wakes up he finds himself in a waiting room at a hospital. Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this novel, except my own original characters, do not belong to me, as does the book cover. If the original author would like me to remove it, please get in touch. English is not my native language so any mistakes please forgive me

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Chapter 40 The Hidden Blade

"Are you ready?" I say as I press the High Tech earpiece, which also functioned as an attached microphone, and then I hear a voice from the earpiece, "I'm ready."

At the top of a building, a figure with a black visage was crouched, gazing into the distance. In the distance, a truck was rapidly approaching a dark building.

The figure then leaps off the building with arms wide open. As soon as the figure hits the ground, it vanishes into the darkness, and after a few seconds, reappears, shooting a rope from its hand to a nearby building, moving along the walls at unprecedented speeds.

"You're approaching the target. I've identified two figures in the front seats. The number of people inside the designated area remains unknown." Inside a nearby building, a small figure was illuminated by a light emanating from a device that didn't belong to the era.

"I'll release the reconnaissance drones," says Paige as she activates the drones and controls them towards the factory. "You have 10 minutes until the arrival of the merchandise," Paige speaks while controlling the drones towards the factory.

"Understood," a voice that seems to have emerged from hell responds to the call.

As the drones reach the factory, she identifies them. "I've located approximately how many individuals are in the factory. There are a total of 14 people, some are on the upper level guarding, two others at the gate awaiting the arrival of the merchandise, some are playing blackjack at a table in the center of the hall, and there are four figures waiting in four cars near the factory's exit on the opposite side of the entrance, all armed... Good luck, Connor."

"Understood, approaching the destination," the figure says as it launches the grappling hook hidden within the Hidden Blade.

As the figure reaches the destination, she climbs to the second floor in the darkness.

Four figures were lazily 'patrolling' upstairs. Connor then sneaks up behind one, activates the Hidden Blade, revealing a blade that was until then concealed in the gauntlet, and then...


The blade pierces the throat of the first guard. Connor then puts his hand over his mouth and gently lays him on the ground.

Seeing that the first assassination was successful, Connor once again melds into the darkness and reappears moments later behind the guard who was smoking, leaning against a railing while watching his companions playing blackjack in the center of the room.

"Oh shit, I'm here on patrol and these motherfuckers are having fun" then when he was about to take a drag on his cigarette, a hand grabbed his mouth and a blade pierced his chin, going straight to his brain.

After eliminating the second guard, I approach the remaining ones who were conversing a few meters ahead. Thanks to the darkness, my methods proved quite effective, both in concealing the corpses and in the silent assassinations. Connor then climbs onto a scaffold that was behind the people conversing, and then

"Fing Fing''

Jumping over the scaffolding and landing on the Patrollers and piercing their heads from top to bottom, they didn't make much noise as they were held back by the bars and their bodies were left hanging before being dragged to Connor before attracting attention.

Having eliminated the guards upstairs, Connor's next target would be those near the cars that would transport the merchandise.

Jumping from the second floor and merging only his feet into the darkness to avoid making noise, and then blending into the darkness, which wasn't as apparent as before compared to the second floor.

Approaching the cars, Connor stabs the tires just to be sure. While stabbing the tires, Connor was already planning his next moves, and then he draws two blades from his back, and launches them towards the guards who were close to the vehicles.

Fing Ding

Two Corpses had two knives stuck in the back of their heads and then their bodies went limp and fell in front of two of their still-alive colleagues.

''What the fuck…" before one of the guards could speak a figure jumps on them and thrusts his blade into both of their hearts.

thud thud

When their bodies fell to the ground they ended up making noise and attracting the attention of people who were having fun there.

Looking at their fallen comrades on the ground in the distance under the light, they saw a figure dressed in black with a red and black cloak draped over one shoulder, looking at them with a malicious smile on his face before running into the shadows and disappearing in front of them.

"INTRUDER, WE HAVE AN INTRUDER, GUARDS... GUARDS!" a bald guy who seemed to be the leader of the operation was shouting to his companions to gather to catch the intruder, who disappeared in front of them while pointing the gun into the darkness randomly.

Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping

Soon, a subtle sound is heard before the lights shatter, leaving everyone in the deepest and darkest darkness.

"What a son of a bitch," says the bald leader before shooting in all directions.

ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta

Seeing their leader shooting, the henchmen followed suit, and soon there was a symphony of gunfire, and the smell of gunpowder rose in their nostrils.

Connor, who was far away in the darkness, watched this scene with a mocking smile before sneaking up on the two guards at the gate who, upon hearing the commotion, ran towards the gunfire.

As they ran in the darkness, they both stumbled and fell face-first to the ground. One of them touched what they had stumbled upon with their hand—it was a metal rope attached to the wall.

"What is this? I don't remember having this..."Before he completed the sentence, a large blade cut through his skull and the top half of his head fell into the arms of his companion who was still on the ground.

"AAAAAAAAAAH" Holding half of the head of his companion who until then had been talking to him until recently, he was terrified by the situation and completely forgetting his original duty he ran towards the gate which was the only way out, forgetting his weapon on the ground

"AAAAAAAAAH OUGHH…" As he ran for his life, a sharp tip of a harpoon pierced his chest, he touched the sharp tip of the harpoon that went through his chest, and then he heard a voice from hell in his ears "Trying to Run Away? you won't make it, I'll see you in hell" and then with terror in his expression, he fell to his knees and right there with his eyes open his life emptied out

Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta

Still shooting randomly in the dark while shouting, "SHOW YOURSELF, YOU COWARD, STOP HIDING, YOU WORM!"

Tick tick tick

As the bald leader and his subordinates attempted to shoot, they realized that their cartridge had been emptied by them. Soon, as they were changing the magazine, a figure fell from above into their midst.

She then moved quickly, activating her Hidden blades. She pierced the throats of two guards on opposite sides, ending their lives, and then tapped her toes on the ground twice and...


A blade is revealed on the back of his dark boots, the figure then spins towards a Guard, lifting his leg and hitting the tempura with the back of the blade on his feet.

Only the bald man remained, fear reigning in his head. As the leader of a small smuggling gang, he was assigned to guard this location, but under his watch, an enemy appeared who could not be seen or killed by conventional means.

While still trying to reload his weapon, the figure approached him slowly and slapped his hand, knocking his gun to the ground and knocking him down with a kick to his belly.

"W-who are you? Why are you doing this? The Boss sent me to eliminate you, didn't he?"

"You'll have to forgive me... I... I didn't know she was his daughter. Please spare me."

The figure approached him and crouched in front of him, showing the blades on her wrists and speaking with a terrifying voice, "We'll meet again in hell."


the hidden blade is stuck in both eyes of the leader who instantly falls into a pool of his own blood.

and then the figure places his hand on his ear, which was hidden under the hood, and speaks only one sentence.


A few minutes later, a box truck enters the place and is greeted by profound darkness. Seeing that none of his companions came to receive them, his mind became alert and signaled to his companion who quickly took the weapon that was placed on the bench and left. and accompanies his partner and enters the place

Walking through the darkness they find a light that did not match the place, approaching the light they both see a figure that was and at the same time was not visible in the light, with half of its body appearing and the other in complete darkness.

Seeing that the situation was too strange, the Driver raises his gun and points it at the figure, who was still standing without showing any reaction, being pointed at by a gun.

"WHO ARE YOU, WHERE WILLIAM, CALL HIM HERE" shouts the driver to Connor who was smiling mischievously at them

Seeing that the driver didn't receive a response, he was an intelligent man, seeing the situation being completely strange in his opinion, he wouldn't hesitate, and then he was ready to pull the trigger.

When he was about to pull the trigger and kill the person in front of him

Ding Fing

His throat is pierced by a blade that makes a hole, squirting blood everywhere

And then Connor looks at the person in front of him and says "Very well…. Paige Good job"

and then with the contrast of the scene Paige starts vomiting and kneels on the floor.

Giving a helpless smile Connor approaches Paige who had her first murder and caresses her back and says "Very well Paige, It's over, it's over, you'll get used to it"

After comforting Paige who was much better, Connor takes a Feather and approaches the bald leader.

when crouching, he stained the Feather with his target's blood, turned and left.

  -End of chapter-

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