3 chapter two

After Lucy had calmed down Rose spoke up

" Lucy how about we go to a specialist to talk about this case to see if there's a solution," she asked

" hmmn, are you sure there's a solution, " Lucy asked

" let's try first " she replied

an hour later the duo went to Meet a specialist who happened to be Rose's fiance's best friend

in the doctor's office

" Good afternoon ladies " he greeted

" Good afternoon doctor " they replied

" so what is the situation here, he asked

before Lucy could reply Rose beat her to it

" doctor Lucy her is my best friend she and her boyfriend both have traits for sickle cell anemia but they are both in love with one another and wants to get married

so we are here to ask if there's a way to avoid them giving birth to sickle cell children " she said

" hmmmmn this a serious case we have here and I will always advise that couples with traits of sickle cell anemia should not get married but in this case, you said that they are madly in love with one another am I right," he asked

" yes doctor they are " Rose replied

" Alright back to your question as both of us s for sickle cell anemia there's a one in four (25%) chance that any of their children will be born with sickle cell anemia there's also one in four chance that any of their children will be completely unaffected so do you understand now, " Dr. Mike asked

" Yeah we did " rose answered

" Lucy were you even listening rose asked Lucy who was in a daze

just then Lucy snapped out of her daze and wipped off her tears

" yeah I was " she replied

" Alright doctor we will take our leave now " Rose replied

" okay nice meeting you" he replied as they shook hands

while returning home

" Lucy are you alright, " Rose asked worriedly

" seriously I am not " she replied

" let's go have coffee " Rose suggested

" Alright " Lucy replied

after ordering their coffee Rose spoke up

" Lucy what are going to do now," she asked

" I don't know I am confused " Lucy replied honestly

" So am I " she replied

" do you think we should take the risk, " Lucy asked

" not sure perhaps you should talk to Adam " Rose advised

" yeah I will " she replied

just then the waiter came back with their coffees

After she left the duo sipped their coffee in silence.

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