4 chapter Three

days later

Adam was in his room in deep thought dark circles were visible under his eyes he hardly slept since his and Lucy's encounter

he was very worried about her but he knew he had to give her space to be alone and decide their fate

" Why did this have to happen to us Lucy " he sighed

" Everything was perfect until we got the results why why " he mumbled

while he was still in deep thought he heard a knock on the door

when he opened it he was surprised to see Rose

" Hey Rose how is Lucy and what brings you here," he asked

" Hey Adam how are you doing," she asked ignoring his question

" am still alive I guess " he replied

" is it because of Lucy," she asked

" yeah she's the only one that can make me sad you know " he replied

looking closely at Adam Rose noticed the large circles under his eyes

" Adam when last did you sleep," she asked

" to be sincere I hardly slept since me and Lucy's encounter she is always on my mind especially when I close my eyes I see her " he replied

" hmmmmn things we do for love " Rose sighed

" so Adam what do you plan on doing," she asked

" marry Lucy I guess " he replied

" but you know the implications right," Rose asked

" yeah I do and I am willing to take the risk " he replied

" and please Rose help me convince her " he pleaded

" it's her choice, not mine you will have to talk to her yourself," she said

" But I haven't seen her for days now I...

before he could finish speaking Lucy stepped in she was wearing an orange top and blue jeans and her hair was tied up in a messy bun her eyes were still swollen

when Adam saw her his heart ached for her

he ran to her and pulled her into a tight hug just then Lucy broke down in tears

Adam let her cry as much as she wanted he drew soothing circles on her back hoping that will help her calm down

seeing them like this Rose could only shake her head

" why can't life be fair to people in love why do they always have to suffer " she sighed

after Lucy calmed down

" Adam Please don't leave me I can't leave without you " she whispered

" I love you, dam," she said

" I love you too Lucy more than you think," he said

disregarding Rose presence Adam placed a lingering kiss on her lips

they were interrupted when Rose cleared her throat

" so guys have you decided what to do are you going ahead with the wedding," she asked

" of course we are " the duo chorused

" wow !!! that's the spirit " Rose applauded

" so when is the date," she asked

" We are getting our marriage certificates first thing tomorrow morning " Adam replied

" Adam !!! " Lucy called out surprised

" no buts we can have a grand wedding later as for now this would do " he replied

"All Alright then so what about the arrangements, " Lucy asked

" no need to worry I will arrange it all you have to do is arrive at the civil affairs office nice and early tomorrow morning," he said

" oh I love you," she said

" I love you more " he replied

" hey love birds are you forgetting that I am still here " Rose reminded

" Sorry about that dear " Lucy teased

" it's okay but Adam are you inviting your parents, " Rose asked

" there's no need for that they already accepted Lucy as their daughter in law " he replied

" oh " so Lucy are you going to inform your half brother and sister," she asked

" Nah they don't care about me so it's useless " she replied

" so Adam what time should we arrive and the address, " Lucy asked

" I dunno yet I will inform you later " he replied

" Alright then " she replied

" at least everything is settled for now " he sighed inwardly

". hmmm Lucy I think we should go to the mall to get some dresses " Rose Suggested

" that's not needed I can just wear some of my other clothes " she replied

" are you crazy let's go now," Rose said as she dragged Lucy out of Adam's apartment

" such a caring friend " Adam sighed.

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