The Betrayed Hero and the Idol

What if a hero from another world was betrayed and given a chance at a peaceful life?... more>> What if that hero was able to save Hoshino Ai from her determined fate? What if... Hoshino Ai was able to shine brighter than ever, with love absent of lies? A hero having just slain the Demon of Corruption was killed due to his great political power and the Goddess that sent him to that world feels immense guilt, that even after years of fighting and a life filled with tragedy he was never given the peace he deserves. So... she gives him another chance to live a peaceful life, one filled with love and family. And maybe he'll save an Idol along the way. THIS FIC ISN'T MINE THE AUTHOR IS OmegaLul1234 AND IF HE WANTS I'LL DELETE THIS PIECE OF ART

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chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Twins

Knowledge is king.

This is something I had learned throughout my years of being humanity's Hero, and something I had thought was ingrained in my psyche.

But it seems I had still gotten complacent.

It was common knowledge, back in Aspia, that a pregnant woman is not to have sexual intercourse in any capacity, lest they bring danger to their child and themselves.

...Who could have thought that was just bullshit?

God dammit!

After discovering that pregnant women could have sex, I made sure to put this new gem of knowledge into practice in every sense of the word, but I still missed so many months due to incorrect knowledge!

The travesty!

Well, it wasn't all bad, so to say, as I was able to see a lot of sides to Ai's lust when the obvious action wasn't happening.

So, let's just put that behind us and take it as a learning opportunity.

But, thinking about the past was something I could do later.

Right now, there was something much more important happening...


"It's alright, Ai. Just power through it. Do you want some healing?"


Well, that answers that question.

But wow, I never expected her to swear like that.

While dominatrix is by no means a fetish of mine, seeing a whole new side of her was oddly... exciting.

But more important matters were happening, so time to put those thoughts away!

"O-Okay. Just keep pushing, you're almost there!"

She was not 'almost there', but I hoped my words would calm her down a bit.

Thankfully, for all the pain pushing caused, Ai had already gotten past the worst part of birthing in the contractions, and even then I was constantly using healing magic, diminishing the pain she felt.

But it could only heal the pain that was already there, it didn't stop it before it came.

So even if it was momentarily, she was still feeling the hurt, further evidenced by her face that was glistening with sweat and her laboured breathing.


And the screams.

Definitely the screams.

Thankfully, the house was soundproof enough to not disturb any of the neighbours, so that was a small plus in this fucked up situation.

Trying my best to calm her down, I soon spot it.

A head.

Well, Cassius... it's time to put all that precious knowledge to use.

It's time to meet my new kids!

----- 1 Hour Later -----

I'll spare the details of the whole process.

...I don't think I can ever look at a pomegranate the same way ever again.

I had extensively used solar magic to keep the three girls safe and sanitary, wrapped the babies in clean towels, flushed out the amniotic fluid, got the newborns to breathe their first breaths, and then expertly cut off the umbilical cords after the placenta had been drained.

It was very stressful, even without any complications, but nevertheless, it was over.

Finally, finally over.


"Isn't she the cutest~! Aww, they both are~!"

Looking down at the incomprehensibly small child in my arms, I slowly extend my finger, smiling as her small hands slowly clasp around it with all the strength she can muster.

Which wasn't much, obviously.

It was... difficult to describe, the overwhelming happiness I felt right now.

It wasn't the exciting kind of happiness, where my heart raced and my body shivered.

It was more... comforting? Calming?

Like a warm bath, or something like that at least.

All I knew was that when I saw these two little angels, I knew I would move heaven and earth, and everything in between, to protect them.

I wanted to see them grow up and become the beautifully strong women I already knew they could be, while also wanting them to stay small enough to hold in my arms like this forever.

A contradiction.

My finger is squeezed once again, and I feel a wave of euphoric emotion.

It's almost too much.

Too strong, too overbearing.

But, the moment those thoughts come into my head, they dissipate a moment later, being released through the silly grin I must have been wearing right now.

Feeling Ai lean into my side, I adjust my position so she's a little more comfortable.

And glancing over at her, I see her lips spread into a grin.

But not the large one I was used to.

This one was more... subtle.

And rather than the aura of happiness and glee she usually radiated, she felt much more... motherly.

Compassionate, comforting, mature... like you could fall into her arms and cry out all your sorrows while she slowly brushed your hair, listening attentively.

Something like that.

They did say being a mother changes people, but I guess that goes for whenever one gives birth a second time too.

"Aren't they beautiful, Cas?" She asks.

They were.

So innocent and naive to the world.

Not in a demeaning way, but rather the kind that makes you want to pull them close and keep them safe.

"Yeah, they sure are. So? Are we sticking with the names?"

"Mhmm. Now you~"

She looks down at the child held in her arms, with a small tuft of dirty blonde hair and a cute button nose.

Not much else to say about her appearance, but that would change as she grew older.

"You are such a cutie! My little Amethyst~"

Yes, we decided that we would each name one child, and she chose hers to be Amethyst, keeping the gemstone theme with her other kids.

It wasn't as bad as Aquamarine, but not as common as Ruby... so somewhere in between.

Well, Amethyst will grow into it.

And she could always get a nickname like Aqua has if she wants.

Amy was a bit better, though not Japanese at all.

Then, there was the one held in my arms, this time with dark purple hair like Ai, though it was slicked back with amniotic fluid.

Ah, we should probably call the hospital soon, shouldn't we?

Well, I'll do that in a second.

"And you'll be Freya."

Freya, or Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, war, and beauty.

I could go on a long spiel about how the name represents everything I wanted for my child, but in reality, I just thought the name was pretty.

It was either that or Ariel.

"Hmph. I can't believe you didn't want Sapphire." Ai pouts.

"We aren't jewellers, Ai." I respond dully.

She really liked gemstone names.

Well, better than her being a horoscope girl, I guess.

Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door.

"M-Mama? Is it okay to go in now?"

Ah, Ruby and Aqua must be worried.

"It's alright, come on in."

The door slowly opens as two heads pop into the room.


Seeing their faces, I'm slightly surprised that another wave of the same happiness I felt from looking at Freya and Amethyst flowed through me.

Thank god.

I was worried my two new biological children would mess things up between Ruby and Aqua, but it seems that my worries were for naught.

Now I'd just have to show those two that I loved them equally as my children too, after all, they're smart enough to be feeling some doubt right now.

I'd have to quell that doubt eventually but for now...

"Come meet your new sisters, you two. Freya and Amethyst Hoshino. Ah! And can you pass me my phone on the desk there?"

Hesitantly, the two begin walking towards us before joining us on the bed, both looking curiously at the two bundles of sleeping joy.

Thankfully, Aqua had followed my request and got me my phone, so I left the three- or rather, five to do their own thing while I called the hospital.

----- Aqua POV - 1 Day Later -----

I had two new sisters.

Although I had already seen them after they were born, that didn't really count, as shortly after meeting them, Ai and the newborns were rushed to the hospital.

Apparently, the doctors were very worried about any complications or infections, especially with Cassius cutting the umbilical cord, but were surprised at how smoothly everything went.

Of course, no normal citizen plans to have a birth at home and research a bunch of the required knowledge, nor do they have otherworldly magical abilities, so I could understand their shock.

Either way, after a night of being watched over by Miyako like old times, I was able to meet my new siblings around lunchtime, as all the tests and documentation had been completed without a hitch.

So here I was.

"Aaaaagh! Waaa! Aaaa!"

"Gaaa! Waaaaaaagh!"

Freya and Amethyst Hoshino.

First off, they were loud.

Very loud.

It was said babies cry most often during the first three months of life, and these two were the living proof of it.

They were also cute.

I don't know if it was something a person naturally feels for their younger sibling, or perhaps an ingrained human instinct to protect the young, but I was already caught under their spell.

...Even if they were very loud.

Freya, with her purple hair, turned out to have clear blue eyes, being the perfect mix of both of her parent's traits.

Then there was Amethyst, with dirty blonde hair and purple eyes this time, an inverse of Freya, some might say.

Blonde hair... gemstone name...

If any one of them were to be reincarnated, it would surely be her.

I was sure of it.

For the gift of a second life, having a name like Aquamarine must be enough of a price to pay.


"Gaaaa! Waaahaaa!"

I guess my assumption was for naught.

From what I could see, my two new sisters were completely healthy, normal babies.

...Unless they regain their memories later.

I don't remember much of infanthood, only some passing memories, but I had a feeling Ruby and I had been reincarnated by now.

How was I so sure?

Well, other than the faint memories... there was also Ai.

"Cas! What's happening!? They're not hungry, and I just checked their diaper! Even then, Ruby and Aqua only let out a little yell when they needed something!"

My mother, having come to see the realities of childrearing, was having a very bad time.

Luckily, due to Cassius' magic, she was up and about, walking just fine.

But still having a bad time.

"What nonsense are you spouting? Infants always cry, for no reason at all. You just need to coddle them, give them love, and it'll eventually pass."

Cassius then scoops the two into his arms before sitting on the rocking chair, both Freya and Amethyst calming down in an instant in his grasp.

Their father, on the other hand, was quite skilled at this.

Almost... too skilled.

Or rather, too experienced.

"H-How are you so good at this?" Ai asks the question I had.

Bending his head down and letting the now docile babies try to grasp his hair, mostly to no avail, he responds.

"The Royal Palace was a den of lust, and many maids had illegitimate children with their lords. Luckily, they were not such monsters as to kill them off or anything, but they didn't exactly have maternal leave back there, so it was a community thing. Being a body double, I didn't have duties most of the time, so I was often taking care of the babies."

Oh, well, that's good, I guess?

Hopefully Cassius' experience would compensate for Ai's lack thereof.

After all, I'd be really annoyed if I couldn't sleep cause of them, no matter how cute they were.

And as for Ruby...

"Waa~ So cute~"

"Here, do you want to hold her?" Cassius asks.

Ruby nods enthusiastically in response.

"Alright, then come sit with us. I think these two are about ready for a nap, so be gentle."

Slowly, Ruby gets onto Cassius' lap before he places a bundle in her arms, still held by him though.

The blanket was purple, so that must have been Amethyst, while Freya was wrapped in a white one, with little bunnies covering it.

Well, those four seem happy.

Looking over to Ai, I noticed that her frustrated expression from before had calmed down into a loving smile, her eyes glittering with emotion.

But, even I could tell not all the frustration was gone.

"What's wrong, Mom?" I ask.

Releasing a sigh, Ai then pouts slightly, staring daggers at Cassius who returns a halfhearted wave in response.

"Nothing, Aqua. It just seems that your new sisters will be Daddy's girls. Hmph! Who do you think gives you milk?"

Oh, I didn't think it would be something so... childish.

"I don't think babies understand give and take, Mama. Besides, Ruby and I love you the most."

Well, Ruby was getting closer to a half-and-half balance, but I didn't need to tell her that.

"Aww! Aqua, you're so sweet! Know what? Let's leave those four to themselves and have our own fun! You needed some clothes for the new school year, right? Let's go shopping!"

"Wait! Mama, you just-"

-had babies.

But I was cut off by Ai picking me up with surprising strength and walking me towards the front door, ignoring my struggle.

Setting me on the ground, before I could protest, Ai's face covered my view.


Her voice was clear.

Soft yet strong.

"I really love you."

A tidal wave of emotion crashes into me, making me turn my head away in embarrassment.

"Love you too." I murmur.

Although I had only started calling Ai 'Mama' to appease her whims, I had to admit, her motherly love was... nice.

"Hmm~? What was that~? I didn't hear you~"

If not a bit annoying.


Yep, normal babies. The vote was in the normal babies' favour across all platforms, so there we go. I was thinking about having Eri, both to her being second and due to her being a child, but decided against it in the end.