1 Prologue

After many years of chasing her dreams, she decided to stop being a perfectionist, to stop trying to be the very best in everything she does. Jo wanted to put her big dreams aside for a little while. She had realised that she needed to live life to the fullest and forget about perfection. After all, nobody is perfect.

Jo needed to reset and she planned to do this far away from her normal, everyday life. She took a few days off and decided to visit friends, most of whom she hadn't seen for years. That's when the trouble began.

She will remember that damn night for a very long time. She and her friends had met at one of their houses, just like they used to do when they were in college. Everyone had brought along some party food and alcohol as if they were back to being college students. There was a large selection of alcohol ranging from beer, white and red wine, whisky, to luxury drinks like Dom Perignon and Richard Hennessy cognac. She had ended up drinking all night with her friends.

They all had gathered on the floor in the living room near the fireplace, while listening to their favorite music. There was quite a strange mix of music ranging from Iron Maiden, Nightwish and Metallica to film scores, like Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer. Some of them had even played guitar and sang along.

She now recalled how she and her best friend Matthew sang along to Metallica's "Whisky in the jar" and "Nothing else matters" until they had nearly lost their voice. They had eventually moved to the kitchen to enjoy some Margherita pizza and her favourite Richard Hennessy cognac…

Everything was going great until their dear friend Thomas, a well-known psychologist, joined them. He had brought another bottle of expensive cognac and quite obviously, no one could refuse another bottle of that excellent liquor. Jo and Matthew were already so drunk that they didn't even realise that the conversation had shifted to their co-workers’ relationships, weddings, and divorces.

That night, Jo and Matthew made a bet with Thomas. They bet that in a year they will find the love of their lives. If they don't, they will spend their lives together. Knowing the two of them so well, their friends knew it was absolutely impossible.

Even though they were all very drunk that night, everyone remembered the bet very well the next morning. That was the main topic during brunch. There was even a video clip recorded by Thomas as evidence. At the beginning of the video, Jo and Matthew sang and their performance wasn't perfect, but still sounded like a professional piece.

They didn't remember Thomas recording a video, but there was definitely tangible evidence. The video clip was posted on their group chat and it had already been viewed more than 700 times. The shocking part was that the group only has 21 members yet the clip had already accumulated a large number of comments. Most viewers were able to accept Jo's bet, because she always has interesting or shocking ideas. Others felt that a respected lawyer should not act in such a way.


Author's note:

Dear Readers,

To be honest, this is my first story written in English. It's not that I can't write. Ever since I can remember, I wrote tales, etc... but writing in your native language and writing in the language you learned as an adult is not the same... so it's a good exercise to improve my language skills :)

If you have reached this place, you are a bit interested in my story :) Have you added it to your library?

If yes I will know that you liked it...

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