The Best Actor and Actress Are Flirting Again! Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Best Actor and Actress Are Flirting Again!

For The Deer

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Su Xia is an actress well known for her exceptionally wide range. Aside from being a household name for her work in famous TV shows, she has received the highly regarded Best Actress award several times over. In the five years since her debut, she's not had a single piece of bad press. The only time she ever shocked the press was when news of her being a massive fan of Best Actor Lu Jingyao began circulating. Who would have known that even the queen of cinema would be a fan for the great king of cinema! One day, Su Xia attended a variety show and was asked about the luckiest moment in her life by the host. As she tilted her head in deep thought, she smiled and said, "That should probably be when I'm spending time with my idol." Her answer shocked the netizens and within a day, pictures of Lu Jingyao feeding his beloved young lady ice-cream began circulating on the Internet. Upon sight of this, the netizens could take it no more as they ultimately declared, "Can Mr. Best Actor please control yourself! I can't swallow this dog food no more!!!"