the beginning of the apocalypse

Author: purnsky
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What is the beginning of the apocalypse

Read ‘the beginning of the apocalypse’ Online for Free, written by the author purnsky, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: destroyed streets filled with corpses and blood, tall buildings that are now destroyed and some of their sides split, mo...


destroyed streets filled with corpses and blood, tall buildings that are now destroyed and some of their sides split, monsters that I don't know are roaming everywhere, and the night sky which is usually just dark now has a blue moon that gives both beauty and horror shining on this city. "How did this all happen!?, I just closed my eyes to try to sleep for less than 10 minutes!?, how and what happened in just a few minutes!!???" [Ting!!] "Wha-pa, what happened?, what was that sound?" I looked around me but there was nothing. As I calmed myself down, from the corner of my vision something shone. [Ting!!] A beautiful ocean blue board appeared before my eyes, an unfamiliar text appeared that I could strangely understand. [Now it's time for evaluation, only the strong live in this new world.] [Now!!! A new era will begin] ------------------------------------------------- the book cover is not mine

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This is a author, I'm bored of reading novels that don't interest me that's why I'm writing my own, maybe this will be bad when I enter the plot, why?, because I've never written a story/novel[img=faceslap][img=recommend]


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