1027 The Rules Are Not Meant To Bind You

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Yu Minmin said, "No, I'm not from a wealthy family, but you are. You're from the Lu family."

"Idiot." Upon hearing her sarcasm, Lin Che shot her a look.

Lin Che said, "The Gu family is really not as simple as I thought. However, Gu Jingze was not the head of the house previously. He was just Gu Jingze. Now that he is the head of the house, I guess he has to face many more internal matters now and that's why it feels so complicated to me."

Yu Minmin sighed. "Yeah. It's just like if I didn't enter Glazed Tile Palace, I'd probably have never known in my whole life that there were so many problems and complicated things in the world waiting for the president to handle. They're not small matters like losing a wallet or fistfights or lawsuits over some property. These are matters that affect the entire nation. As the saying goes: with great power comes great responsibility. There is a lot more consideration involved."

Lin Che thought about that Xue Mengqi.


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