The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Wealthy, powerful and handsome; Gu Jingze is the cream of the crop in the entire country. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. His life is perfect... except that he has one tiny secret that keeps him from getting close to any woman—apparent impotency. That is, until he wakes up in bed with a total stranger one day. The next thing he knows, he is forced to marry this stranger; a feisty and boisterous woman by the name of Lin Che. Lin Che is an average girl whose only aim is to become a successful actress. Ostracized by her family and forced to become independent, she cooks up a scheme to attain her goal. But her plan fails and she ends up marrying this cold and seemingly heartless Gu Jingze. Not only that, she must now find her place in high society, where jealous women and devious plots lay abound - all while juggling her new career. Two strangers under one roof: From the outset, they agree to stay out of each other’s lives, but he somehow always manages to appear during her moments of crisis. Slowly and unwittingly, Lin Che begins to find it difficult to imagine a future without him. Will their relationship grow, or is their marriage destined to remain just a contract?

Mu Yiyi · Urban
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1583 Chs

Lin Che Was Nominated For An Incredible Award

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"Sister Wanwan, forget it. Since she's not interested, don't bother with her," Huihui said.

"Exactly. Sister Wanwan, you're so generous that you even forgave her. Not only is she ungrateful, she still treats you this way," Xiaoqing chimed in.

"Seriously. She always appears so nice on TV. She's nice to her fans and she's interesting, but who knew that she was such a person underneath all that," Xiaoqing said.

Huihui said, "Everything on TV is fake. You'll know when you observe from the side."

This was probably the first time Lin Che was called into question like that. Everyone scolded her nonstop and were all pointing fingers at her.

When Lin Che went out, she called Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze said, "If you're feeling tired, just come back. Leave this matter to me."