1017 Endless Troubles

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In the beginning, he thought that she was very narcissistic. However, she was so openly narcissistic that it wasn't annoying. Later, she publicly declared that she liked having money, but it was not greed. She wanted to be vain, but she was greedy. She liked beautiful things… Oh, this she was greedy for.

He liked that she was greedy for his beauty.

In any case, he didn't even know in the beginning if he thought that everything about her was good because he liked her or if it was the other way around.

The students heard that a celebrity was here to sponsor the school. They all ran out to see Lin Che. Although the students here didn't go out often, it was a modern era now and they watched TV. Reality shows were their favorite and they were thus familiar with Lin Che too.

Seeing that she was here, they immediately surrounded her and crowded outside excitedly.


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