37 Hugging A Huge Thigh (1)

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There was a new notification, and after tapping in, he saw that [Yao Loves Ice Cream] had requested to add him as a friend.

The young lady, whose voice Xia Shangzhou thought sounded beautiful but whose intelligence he thought had issues, actually took the initiative to add him on WeChat?

Since he was in the student council, his phone number wasn't a secret. It would be an exaggeration to say that the entire student populace was aware of his number, but it should be rather easy to obtain with a little bit of effort.

This was also the reason why he kept receiving annoying messages and calls nearly every day, 365 days a year.

Due to that, when he registered for WeChat, he made sure to use a phone number that no one was aware of.

As such, except for those who were extremely close to him, there was no one else who had his WeChat number.

He had no idea who this young lady was, and the other party probably didn't know who he was as well. They were just gaming acquaintances, so it wasn't a big deal for him to accept her friend request. Besides... besides...

Lin Jiage stared at the notification on his phone screen and hesitated for a brief moment before eventually accepting it.

... Besides, just like Xia Shangzhou had said, the young lady's voice was indeed... not bad...


After concluding the gaming session with [111111], Shi Yao put down her phone and went into the bathroom with a fresh pair of undergarments in her arms.

After bathing, she blow-dried her hair and carried out a basic skincare routine. Following which, she opened a cupboard, then took out a few slabs of ham and a packet of potato chips to feast on. After polishing them off, she went to brush her teeth before finally climbing into her bed.

Shi Yao had a habit of fiddling with her phone before going to sleep.

When she picked up her phone, as she usually did, she noticed that there was a new notification in her WeChat and she tapped in without any hesitation. It was from [111111].

It was a system message saying: [You have added 111111 as your WeChat contact. Start chatting!]

She had only added his WeChat by mistake the day before.

A full day had passed, and the lofty and venomous-tongued Mister Numbers had yet to accept her friend request, so she thought that it would never happen. Who would have thought that h-h-he would actually accept...

Under such circumstances, was she supposed to message him or not...?

While he wasn't as considerate as Expert or Juice, he did play an important role in the team which led her to round after round of chicken dinners...

A true heroine grabs every opportunity in front of her. When there's a huge thigh before her, she should hug it as tightly as possible!1

After a moment of thought, Shi Yao began typing.


After accepting [Yao Loves Ice Cream]'s friend request, Lin Jiage, who hadn't slept the previous night, was starting to feel a little exhausted, so he placed his phone to the side and prepared to sleep.

But just as he was about to doze off, the phone by his ear suddenly lit up.

He reached for it with his eyes still closed and placed it in front of his face.

Tapping into his WeChat, he saw that [Yao Loves Ice Cream] had sent him a message: [Thank you for bringing me around in the game today.]

Lin Jiage wasn't planning to respond to [Yao Love Ice Cream]'s message or even tap into the chat window at all, intending to just toss his phone aside and go back to sleep.

However, before he could put aside his phone, it vibrated once more.

[Yao Loves Ice Cream] had sent him another message: [Actually, my hand shook, and I added you by accident. I hope that I didn't disturb you.]

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