6 God Amongst Gods (2)

Translator: StarveCleric

[Juice]: "Grandson, aren't you mistaking something? Don't you mean your grandfather instead?"

[Expert of the Monkeys]: "The only mistake I made was failing to raise my grandson properly!"

Just like that, [Expert of the Monkeys] and [Juice] continued bickering throughout the game while [111111] massacred the other players in a frenzy as if he was hacking. Of the five rounds she played with them, Shi Yao had chicken dinners for three rounds. With this, she concluded her gaming journey for the night.

Perhaps it was due to her elation over the numerous victories, but Shi Yao didn't feel the least bit tired after bathing. Thus, lying on her bed, she entered the game once more.

There were several friend request notifications. Tapping in, Shi Yao saw that [Expert of the Monkeys] and [Juice] had requested to her to add them as their friend.

Shi Yao accepted their friend requests.

[Expert of the Monkeys] was still online, and it wasn't long before he sent her a message, [Sis Yao, do you want to play together tomorrow night?]

Shi Yao replied, [Sure, thanks.]

After exchanging goodnights with [Expert of the Monkeys], Shi Yao was still unable to sleep. She suddenly recalled [Expert of the Monkeys] saying that their standing in the dormitory room was based on their ranking in the game, so she went to take a look at the leaderboard.

With just a glance, Shi Yao was dumbstruck.

In first place was her Adonis, [Legend], as expected.

However, in second place, with just a rating of 0.01 lower than first place, was shockingly [111111].

In fifth place was [Expert of the Monkeys], and in ninth was [Juice].

So... tonight, just like in those novels… she'd really been matched with godly experts?

No, to be exact, the god amongst gods?


At this very moment, in Room 501 of the G University's male dormitory.

Lin Jiage had just finished bathing and was walking out of the bathroom in his pajamas when someone suddenly knocked on the door of his dormitory room.

As he continued drying his hair with a towel, he walked up to the door and opened it.

"Lin Jiage, our class's Qin Yiran asked me to pass this to you."

It was Lin Yimu from the opposite room. In his hand was an exquisite pink bag.

Looking at the bag Lin Yimu was passing to him, Lin Jiage frowned, not moving an inch.

"Qin Yiran's the campus belle. Boss, won't you at least consider her?" Lu Benlai leaped over and took the bag from Lin Yimu's hands in place of Lin Jiage.

However, the frown on Lin Jiage's face only deepened, seemingly displeased with Lu Benlai's interference.

On the other hand, after having successfully delivered the item, Lin Yimu didn't give Lin Jiage the chance to return the gift, and he quickly rushed back to his room after uttering a 'goodnight'.

Lu Benlai closed the door and began tearing open the gift inside as he said, "There must be at least eighty men in this entire school trying to ask out Belle Qin. Who would have thought that she'd end up falling before our boss' jeans?1"

"Hehe... What does Belle Qin count as? Just a while ago, the film school right next to our university filmed a drama, and the famous actresses involved in the shooting came over to deliver gifts to our boss!" Xia Shangzhou glanced at Lu Benlai disdainfully, as if scorning the latter for his ignorance.

"Wow, Belle Qin gave our boss a big bottle of paper cranes. At this size, there's at least a thousand of them in there, right?" Lu Benlai examined Qin Yiran's gift before turning to look at Lin Jiage, who was silently drying his hair with his head lowered.

Lin Jiage's skin was so pale that it seemed to glow, and it was even more delicate than that of most girls.

His distinctive facial features were exquisite as if they had come from a painting. This was especially so for his long and curled eyelashes, which looked just as good as false eyelashes.

However, the most outstanding thing about him was his elegant and noble disposition. Even standing in the middle of a simple dormitory room, he still commanded an air of loftiness.

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