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The Beautiful Idol's Secret


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--A Love Story Between Gynophobic CEO and Beautiful Idol with Secretive Past-- Lu Yi Feng is a CEO who is allergic to women and he chooses to protect himself with his aloof appearance and poisonous tongue. He was in desperate need of a new idol. His current top idol was taken by his nemesis half-brother. In one of his auditions, he found a beautiful gem. He chose her. What he didn't know was that girl, Feng Xiao Qing already had a daughter. If he wasn't desperate, he would never choose a soon-to-be idol with a daughter like her. But, it seemed like fate brought them together. They were bound in additional new contract --- Feng Xiao Qing would become his fake-girlfriend. How funny would it be when an allergic-to-woman CEO had to appear lovey-dovey with the beautiful idol? Don't forget that a little girl was in the mix! Fun interactions? Absolutely. Love? Maybe. Just have fun and enjoy the story ^^ ------------------------------------------------- Here is the link if you want to buy me a cup of coffee for a faster release! Once the goal is reached, I will do a mass release ^___^ Thanks <3 http://ko-fi.com/missoline87 or you can directly donate to my PayPal: https://paypal.me/missoline87 Thank you very much! ^^ *hugs* I am thankful for your support. This will surely keep my spirit high ^^ ------------------------------------------- Join The Beautiful Idol's Secret Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/xY29wHb Cover by: yaoyueyi ^^


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