10 Chapter Ten

( Gotham: 08:45 PM)( Midtown -154 Crypt Alley)

After getting out of the taxi Jayden thanked the driver. This time he wasn't pelted with fumes like his first day in Gotham.

The driver gave him a friendly wave before driving off. Jayden then looked around trying to locate Lola's apartment building.

But then he noticed something, it seemed to be a woman in a tight-skinned costume running on top of the rooftops. Jayden blinked and rubbed his eyes, but when he looked again they somehow disappeared

"Hey Raven, did you just see what I saw." Jayden asked his feline companion, but all he got from her was a confused head tilt." Guess I must have imagined it then."

Jayden dident pay it any mind after that and immediately spotted Lola's apartment.

You couldn't miss it even if you wanted to, after all, there was a massive pink neon light right underneath it.

He made his way to the building entrance and pressed the button of Lola's apartment.


The intercom rang for about a minute before someone finally answered."Hello, who is this."

"Hey Lola, it's me Jayden I'm already here with Raven, could you buzz me in." Jayden asked.

"Yeah sure, just go straight up the stairs or the elevator to the top floor, it will be the first door on your right, you can't miss it."

"Got it, see you soon."


Meanwhile, moments prior Selina had just come back from her little heist and was in a jubilant mood.

But that mood was immediately interrupted by her friend's not-so-happy expression.

"Your late Selina, he could be coming at any moment you know. And don't think I forgot about you hanging up on me."

"Alright alright, I'm sorry Mom I'll be a good little kitty next time I promise, will you please forgive me." Catwoman apologised while wrapping her arms around Lola's shoulders, and giving her the puppy eye stare.

Lola just rolled her eyes before signing." Fine, all is forgiven but you better hurry up and change before Jayden gets here."

"Will do, ah, what do you think I should wear, something sexy or maybe something skin tight, what do you think Lolo."

Before Lola could respond, the phone on the wall buzzed signifying that someone had pressed their button downstairs.

"Dammit he's already here, what are you waiting for get dressed already and out of that slutty costume. And wear something decent for god's sake."

Selina looked offended but that was just their banter as friends. Selina slowly strutted to her room but Lola smacked her ass making a loud sound and causing Selina to yelp.

"Hurry up." Lola said like a mama hen, before walking to the intercom phone and answering to make sure it was Jayden.

"Hello, who is this." Lola asked as she saw Selina come out of the bathroom half-naked before walking into her room.

"Hey Lola, it's me Jayden I'm already here with Raven, could you buzz me in." Jayden asked.

"Yeah sure, just go straight up the stairs or the elevator to the top floor and it will be the first door on your right, you can't miss it."

"Got it, see you soon."


After making his way to the top, Jayden followed Lola's instructions and stopped in front of a brown door with claw marks all over the bottom half.

Jayden gently knocked on the door three times before waiting. And he didn't have to wait long as he soon heard the pitter-patter of footsteps approaching the door.

The door then opened revealing Lola. Jayden paused for a second, admiring her looks and outfit for the night.

Her make-up wasn't too heavy with only some foundation, lip gloss and eye shadow. She wore a sexy white knitted pullover sweater that hugged her lithe body.

And her hair was of course in the style that he had left it all those weeks ago.

Though he could immediately tell that the ends had grown by just a bit.

"You look stunning Lola, now I feel underdressed." Jayden joked before taking out his gift." I bought you a gift, I thought since you were cooking I couldn't come empty-handed." He said while handing her the bottle of wine.

Lola smiled, content with the compliment she received." Thank you Jayden, you don't look half bad yourself, and thanks for the wine, it will go nicely with tonight's dinner.

What are standing there for, come on in."

Lola said and Jayden accepted taking his first steps into her apartment. And the first thing he noticed when doing so was the womanly scent in the air followed by the smell of food probably cooking in the oven.

"You can leave your shoes here, make yourself comfortable in the living room. I just need to quickly check on the food, my friend will also be ready in a few minutes she's just preoccupied at the moment."

Jayden nodded and made his way into the living room, he then sat on the couch with Raven resting on his lap.

Though if you paid closer attention you would notice Raven's vigilant look as she scoped the apartment, already knowing she was in the territory of another cat.

Suddenly the door on his right was opened by who he presumed to be Lola's roommate. Her presence immediately captured Jayden's full attention.

She possessed an enchanting beauty that seemed to emanate from within. Her striking features were accentuated by an air of mystery, a touch of allure that beckoned him closer.

Her eyes, sharp and sparkling with intelligence, held a mischievous glint that hinted at a depth of knowledge and experience.

Her sleek, black attire clung to her slender form, emphasizing her physical grace and agility.

Jayden couldn't help it, she was one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.

But Jayden didn't judge based on appearances, she could have a terrible personality under all that beauty. But from what Lola had said besides being a bit cheeky and flirty she was harmless.

"Well well well, look what the cat dragged in, you must be Jayden, and I have to say, you are even more handsome than Lolo described." Selina said in a playful tone while resting her hand on her waist.

Jayden smiled before standing up." It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Raven couldn't wait for this playdate so here we are. It's really nice to meet you."

Instead of shaking her hand Jayden approached her face and fake kissed both sides of her cheeks before stepping back.

Selina smiled and followed his gesture of cheek Kissing."You already know my name but let me introduce myself formally."

"I'm Jayden Delgado Maria Ramires, but you can just call me Jayden if you like." Jayden said with a smile.

"Pretty long name you got there, Selina Kyle, but you can just call me Selina."

Selina said as she slowly walked passed Jayden, slightly exaggerating her hip sway but not once did he look at her body for more than a few seconds before focusing solely on her eyes.

'Well he's got will, I'll give him that much, plus a gentleman.' Selina thought to herself, her impression of Jayden improving by the minute.

"And this must be Raven." Selina asked while bending over to stroke Raven's fur.

Raven on her part seemed to like Selina's presence, even offering her chin so she could scratch it.

Unknown to the two girls Jayden was in complete shock.

It had only occurred to him right then that the woman in front of him had just called herself Selina Kyle...as in Catwoman one of the most popular and well-known female heroines in comic book history.

Jayden had known that Lola's roommate was named Selina, but how much of a coincidence is it that the Selina she was talking about was actually Catwoman?

He never saw it coming.

But now that it has, wasn't this a great opportunity to get to know her and maybe get her to become one of his first customers at his shop?

Jayden's eyes immediately glowed with vigour and he stared at Selina's back with determination. He had to make sure he made a good impression tonight, no matter what.

As Selina was stroking Raven's soft fur Lola had finally returned from the kitchen.

But she wasn't alone, by her feet was another black cat. This had to have been Isis.

Jayden greeted Lola with a warm smile as she entered the Livingroom. Raven and Isis, the two black cats, curiously approached and sniffed each other, their tails swishing playfully.

Jayden chuckled, watching the cats. "Looks like Raven and Isis are becoming fast friends already. They've got the whole 'mysterious black cat' thing going on. It's like they're planning their own secret mission."

Lola laughed. "Oh, definitely! They're plotting to take over the world, one mouse at a time."

Selina joined in the laughter. "Or maybe they're secretly superheroes, protecting Gotham from the forces of evil."

Jayden winked. "Well, in that case, we better keep our eyes open for any suspicious activities. You never know what these two could be up to."

As the cats continued to play, the playdate had officially commenced.

The conversation flowed effortlessly between Jayden, Lola, and Selina.

The playdate was going amazingly and the three shared stories exchanged funny anecdotes and discovered more common interests.

Lola teased Jayden. "So, Jayden, do you have any hidden talents? Can you juggle chainsaws or sing opera?"

"I wish I could juggle chainsaws, but alas, my talents lie elsewhere. I can whip up a mean batch of pancakes and do a decent Elvis impersonation. Would you like a private concert?"

Selina's eyes sparkled mischievously. "Oh, we'd love to see that! Maybe after dessert, you can serenade us with 'Love Me Tender' while wearing a sequined jumpsuit."

Laughter filled the apartment as they imagined the scene.

The conversation turned to their favourite movies and TV shows, with each of them passionately defending their picks.

Selina raised an eyebrow. "Okay, but let's settle this once and for all: Star Wars or Star Trek?"

Jayden leaned back, pretending to ponder the question dramatically. "Well, it's a tough choice, but I have to go with Star Wars. Lightsabers and the Force? It's hard to beat that."

Lola nodded in agreement. "Absolutely! Plus, who could resist the allure of Han Solo and his charming rogue persona?"

Selina sighed dramatically. "I guess I'm outnumbered. Star Wars it is. But mark my words, one day I'll convert you both to Trekkies!"

As the playdate continued, their connection grew stronger. Jayden and Selina realized they shared not only a love for cats but also a zest for protecting wildlife.


( Gotham: 00:01 PM)( Midtown -154 Crypt Alley)

After dinner, which Jayden enjoyed very much the three sat down on the couch, playing board games like Monopoly ( Lola won), scrabble( Jayden won), and even Twister( Selina one by a long shot.)

It was around midnight, and normally this would be the time that the playdate should have ended, but the three were having such a great time that they decided to extend it.

They hadn't even noticed that Isis and Raven had already fallen asleep on the window.

Lola, catching on to the playful banter, chimed in. "Alright, now that we've warmed up, it's time for a game of truth or dares. Who's up for a challenge?"

Selina raised an eyebrow, her expression filled with curiosity. "I'm always up for a little game of truth or dare. How about you, Jayden?"

Jayden grinned, a glint of mischief in his eyes. "Count me in."

As they settled into the game, truths were revealed and dares were accepted, each one adding to the sense of tension between them.

The room was filled with laughter, the atmosphere buzzing with a mix of excitement and anticipation, most probably because of the alcohol consumed.

When it was Jayden's turn, Selina's eyes sparkled mischievously. "Jayden, truth or dare?"

Jayden, feeling daring, grinned and replied, "Dare! Hit me with your best shot."

Selina's lips curled into a playful smile.

She took one of the cards from the deck and smiled like a Cheshire cat."Alright, Jayden, I dare you to give me a kiss."

Jayden's eyes widened in surprise, momentarily taken aback.

The room fell silent as he contemplated the unexpected dare.

After a brief pause, he gathered his courage and leaned in, planting a soft, playful kiss on Selina's cheek.

Laughter erupted from both Selina and Lola, their amusement contagious. The tension diffused, replaced by a sense of playfulness.

Selina playfully brushed her cheek, a twinkle in her eyes. "Well, Jayden, you certainly know how to accept a dare. Bravo...but you didn't let me finish."

Suddenly Jayden got an ominous feeling from her words.

Selina turned the card around and he finally saw what the dare was in its entirety.

" You have to kiss the darer on the lips and every one of the participants for 30 seconds."

Jayden gulped, thanking the heavens no guys were playing with them or he would have been screwed.

"So, what's it gonna be Jay, you in...or out.' Selina taunted him with a cat-like grin and Jayden was seriously thinking about it.

" Are you guys alright doing the dare..." Lola thought about it and shrugged, they had already kissed before, what's one more?

" Fine, ill do it." Jayden said with determination and Selina sighed, she was really hoping that she could beat Jayden in that round.

But as she was sulking she suddenly remembered what had happened tonight with Batman and smiled.

'Ah, isn't this the best time to get back at Bruce for what he did.' Selina looked at Jayden who had sat next to Lola and licked her lips while taking out her phone.

Jayden sat next to Lola and didn't hesitate in the slightest. He had already lived once, so in this life, if there was an opportunity at his fingertips, he wouldn't hesitate to grasp it.

Lola paused for a second before also replying to his kiss. Jayden's hand slowly wrapped around her waist, hugging her tightly and his other hand rested on her thigh.

Forty-five seconds quickly passed by but it seemed that they weren't going to stop anytime soon.


Selina let out a fake cough finally waking the two up. Jayden gave her a victorious smirk before moving to the other sofa where Selina sat.

Though Selina's next action had completely caught him off guard, while Lola just slapped her forehead in exasperation.

Knowing exactly what her friend was going to do next.

Selina suddenly pushed Jaden back and straddle him resting her weight on his lap. She then wrapped her arms around his shoulders and smashed her lips against his.

Jayden was surprised, but not shocked enough to the point where he couldn't recuperate and started kissing her back.

'Oh my god, I'm Kissing, Catwoman.' Those were his only thoughts at that very moment.

Meanwhile, Selina couldn't help but praise Jayden.

From Lola's description of him, he had no dating experience and yet the way he kissed her...it started igniting a fire in her stomach.

Though she didn't forget her aim and while Jayden was distracted, she secretly took a photo of the two of them but made sure to hide Jayden's face so Bruce wouldn't be able to tell who it was kissing her.

She then sent the picture with a vicious smirk.' I hope he likes my little present, he had better think twice before leading me on while already having a lover.'

Selina thought in anger as she continued to brush her lips with Jayden.

It had already been two minutes and the two were still at it. Lola didn't think they would have stopped if she hadn't pulled Selina away.

Jayden being released from the kiss, looked at Selina and Lola in confusion and arousal.


There was a suspenseful silence between the three of them before Selina suddenly whispered in Lola's ear.

" Um! Would you look at that it's already so late, I think it's best me and Raven get going, thanks for having us..."

Before Jayden could finish his sentence he saw the two looks Lola and Selina were giving him.

They were the looks of two lionesses ready for the hunt. That was it, there was no escaping now.

' I know what I have to do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it...' looks like he was gonna find out tonight.

"Um! Girls..."

"No more talking!"

Both Lola and Selina said simultaneously. Jayden was then dragged into one of the bedrooms by both women.

And soon after, sounds that only men and women make during carnal love could be heard on the other side.


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