26 The punishment-II

Something good about the basement was that it was hardly ever crowded and loud. The two things he hated with a passion.

The girl named Victoria was gone. She had followed Isobel upstairs willingly and he would not hold it against her.

After all, he had had the front row seat in witnessing how cruel Isabel could be when she wanted to.

His massively swollen foot with nails inside it was an example of how bad she could be.

Victoria was gone, she did not ask for his help nor could he provide it to her at this point which is why he leaned against the wall from his side and closed his eyes.

The scream that shot out in the air snapped his eyes open.

It was loud enough to echo in the walls of the basement making him close his eyes and place hands on his ears.

Fuck. What was the bitch doing to Victoria?

Just as it stopped, and he started to relax thinking that it was over for her, another scream rang out in the air making him curse.

He should have stopped her. He had the power to but why the fuck did he not exercise it?!

The girl who had helped her throughout needed his help but here he was sitting in a cell whereas she was suffering on his behalf, for helping him!

He groaned to himself as he shifted slightly.

There was nothing that he could do at this point. He could not do anything to protect Victoria even though he had the power to do so.. but in this room, in this room he was powerless.

Powerless like a fucking homeless beggar. He had nothing in his hand. He could not even protect the girl Who helped him out of sheer kindness.

Silence. It took him a minute to notice that.

It was completely silent. It felt like Victoria had never screened in the first place, like whatever just happened had never occurred. No cries, no screaming,no anything.

Victoria was probably too tired to scream. In the condition in which she had come down to give him medicine and food, there was no way she could actually manage whatever pen Isobel was giving her without passing out.

His eyes glanced at his foot. Isobel had done that just because he had chosen not to speak and beg his father to come and take him. What would have she done to the girl that had supposedly betrayed her?

Fuck, he screamed in his mind.

Could he not have told just for her?

His world had been captured and placed into the four walls of the small prison cell. Something that was not even a fourth of his bathroom As the only highlight of his day was, when Victoria would come in and open the door just saw the light could come and flood into the world again.

She brought light into his world even though it hurt her. Even though it cost her more than it should have, yet he was sure if she got the chance to bring him food again, even after today, Victoria would do it.

She was kind, compassionate and fearless. Anything but what he had been in this situation.

He closed his eyes and waited. That was all he could do until someone else was going to open his door and punish him. Because he was sure that after Victoria it was going to be his number.

And when the door creaked open slowly, he did not bother opening his eyes.

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