23 Little betrayal- I

"Really?" He asked, serious about it. "Don't you guys believe in Karma or something? The universe gives back to you the exact same thing you do to others? should it not be worth it then?"

Victoria thought about it. How many times had it been that she had helped someone and then was ignored by the person until they needed her again? If the universe saw her helping others, then the universe should have sent help her way but that did not happen. That rarely did happen.

"that doesn't happen in real life." She told him with her eyes on the floor. "If the universe wanted to give me back something, they would have given me help."

She sniffed, "That's why it's not worth it. Why would I help someone again knowing that no one is going to come and help me?"

She scoffed, covering up the cry before looking at him, " that's why I feel like I should be more like you. Someone who just does not care, someone selfish yet driven. I mean, why help others when you're not going to get anything out of it?"

"But you fed me," he said after some time, " in fact you have been feeding me even when you could not get down the stairs."

"and that, once again, is a stupid because I don't even know your name to begin with." She snapped, sniffing at the end of it.

She had told him her name, he knew of her background by just looking at her She had no clue who he was or what he did which school he was in.

Victoria knew absolutely nothing about him yet was helping him day in and out.

He sighed and she looked over before handing him the antibiotic in her hand, " this is the second last one. Unless I can get more, we only have one more left."

"Where did you get it from in the first place?"

"The one who dyed my hair." She answered. "I asked her for it."

"Did you take one for yourself?"

"No," she rasped out, feeling tired all of a sudden. "I could not possibly take it for myself because I only have two and you need it more."

"You need it!" He almost shouted in disbelief, making her wince. "Have you had a look at yourself? You are purple more than skin!"

"You had nails inside your feet, do you know what happens because of that?" She looked at him ahead, her eyes almost closing. " You could have a major infection and you will because it has not been treated until now."

She looked at his outstretched hand that had the Tablet in her direction. Pushing it back towards him she snuggled into the hard wall. "This is the least that might help you. Just take it."

Closing her eyes, Victoria almost tuned out the entire world. Sleep was taking over her body along with the tiredness and the pain that she felt from almost everywhere. There was not one spot on her body that she could feel not paining.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah," she thought.

Opening her eyes with the greatest effort, she turned to him, "Do you mind if I nap a bit here?" She sniffed and closed her eyes. "I feel really tired all of a sudden."

Not bothering to wait for the reply given by the boy, Victoria closed her eyes and let the sleep finally take over to release her of the pain she felt.

At least sleep helped her.

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