6 The Bride's Arrival (2)

The priest sat in his cart that would transport him to his house. It would be two hours trip to his home. Since Aesha's finger was snapped like twigs, there was no way to instantly teleport through the gate. The priest rubbed the totem planted on the rod's head. He felt grateful partly because the bride declined the rod that represented the cult. Thus, he could keep it for himself.

However, he was insulted by the bride's disdainful rejection. The totem planted on this rod was the gift of Endless Entity. If she was a true bride, she would definitely treasure the rod at all cost. The totem definitely worth more than a bag of gold and diamonds, a gift from a god they worshipped.

The priest arrived at his residence, a quite lavish residence with few personal butlers and maids. He lived alone as he already devoted himself as a pious priest. His family was just a pile of ashes after a failed experiment. Marriage was not a choice for him. He would not put himself so low that he needed to marry. He already had his God that he married through his service.

He entered his room, only to notice something was off, but couldn't tell what was wrong. He observed the room. He tapped the rod three times on the ground. This was used to detect if any trap was set inside his room. The totem would instantly shot a powerful beam that'd destroy the trap inside the room. However, he couldn't find anything even with his rod.

He put the rod on its own glass case. He used to take off the totem from the rod and hold it in his hand whenever he was sleeping. But he couldn't brush off the feeling that something was watching him in his room. Thus, he put an incantation on the glass case, just in case if someone would open the case, the incantation would be activated and exploded.

He laid on the bed, thinking about what should he do to regain his Lord's favour and got rid of the bride. He knew that the arrival of a bride or groom was to supervise the cult activity. They were nothing but a dirty spy. He previously joined a cult that also worshipped Endless Entity when he was young, the cult had fallen out of his Lord's favour, and a groom of Endless Entity arrived to help the cult.

But the cult was disbanded not long after for unknown. The priest died, and all of its follower alongside the groom vanished.

He didn't want that. He knew that his Lord wouldn't abandon his cult. The cult he created was the big one, with five thousand followers and three important members, Owur'Edneg the beast, Aesha the gate user, and the doctor whose ability could inflict a thousand pains.

And he was an influential leader. He was also pious to his Lord. He could have been a groom of Endless Entity. He just needed to show his Lord that all his devotion could be even more beneficial to Endless Entity.

"I should have been the groom of Endless Entity, directly under his mighty power," the priest imagined the possibility if he could be the groom of Endless Entity, he would do anything for such a powerful title.

Mephistopheles sat silently on a chair in her new room. She waited for the spying tool hers to retrieve a piece of information after a good few hours. She had instructed the tool to watch the traps inside the house. It might have its own mind, but it was still inexperienced for such a task.

"Maria, gather yourself," Mephistopheles instructed her tool as it drew near. In few seconds, small dust emerged from any solid surface inside the room. The dust gathered, assembling to create a human foot. It kept gathering until the entire body of a naked woman materialized. The dust gathered into a human head with soft, beautiful features and brown hair.

"Presenting itself in front of your majesty, Maria Obsidia." Said the naked woman created by dust, she kneeled in front of Mephistopheles.

"I tasked you to retrieve that totem, didn't I?" said Mephistopheles condescendingly. She looked unhappy because the task wasn't completed. The aura around the room started getting malicious. A dark layer of thick fog filled the room. If a human was in this room, they would definitely die out of fear.

Mephistopheles pointed her finger little finger at Maria, "Rucnah!"

In a split second, Maria's body exploded, disintegrated as a pile of sand, then rebuilt itself into a female body again. Mephistopheles kept disintegrating her a few more times until she calmed down.

"I beg you to forgive my incompetence, Milady," Mario Obsidia begged. "But the totem has been kept inside a glass case, and is guarded by an incantation. If I stole it right now, it would explode and might've destroyed the totem."

"Besides, may I know why do you want to take this totem? If I remember correctly, this is just one of the totems that you made, right?"

"I just feel disgusted when that weak man possesses the totem that I made. But I don't want to take the rod because it'd be an insult for me to accept something so low and weak from a weak man as well," Lady Mephistopheles said.

She glanced at Maria and said, "You can return to your vase. I have no use of you for now."

"Yes, Milady, thank you," Maria Obsidia disintegrated into dust that swirled around the room before entering a small vase at the corner of the room.

Lady Mephistopheles clicked her tongue in annoyance. She was so pissed when that totem of hers was given to a weak priest. The totems of Endless Entity were made by the Bride and Groom of Endless Entity. The totems were infused with the Bride and Groom's power. They wouldn't bother their Lord to do such mundane task of creating those weak totems for the cultists.

Though, the ones who held the totem would think they were all-powerful because that was the real use of the totem, to provide greed and pride inside a human's heart.

"Oh well, fine, I will kill that priest later if he has no use. But for now… I shall find a good vassal body for my Lord."

"I heard there is a new hero that has been transmigrated from another world in the nearest kingdom, Kingdom of Solares," Lady Mephisto tried to recall the rumour which her Lod had been mentioning few times as well, it seemed that her Lord wanted that body to be his new vassal.

"It'd be great if I can use his body for my Lord's vassal."

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