118 Improvising #118

'Fucking go down already...' I internally screamed as I took another punch from King Shark, which didn't feel that different from a meteor falling over your head. Trust me when I say; I know the feeling.

I gritted my teeth through the pain and channeled the residual kinetic energy in my body as I punched at the humanoid shark's face, causing it to jerk sideways.

I've already broken my sword on King Shark's seemingly indestructible hide, along with every melee weapon I had other than my wire, and my trench coat was already trashed beyond repair thanks to his claws.

I even tried channeling my energy into my suit's circuits to electrocute the humanoid shark at the maximum output before he ripped the trench coat into ribbons. It only did slightly more damage than straight-out punching him.

He was physically more powerful than me and more durable. I felt every punch he threw at me as King Shark always managed to tear or break something whenever his attacks connected despite my own supernaturally hard skin.

Heck, even my healing factor was barely keeping up. Though the injuries King Shark gave me would quickly heal, the pain lingered, and it stung like a bitch and a half, let me tell you.

It was nothing like mutilating my muscles with energy, but it still hurt like fucking hell goddammit.

Still, my superhuman stamina, healing factor, and martial arts training, which gave me precision in my attacks, were my advantages over King Shark, and I capitalized on them all.

While King Shark was wildly flailing his arms at me, covered in blood as he bled from all over his body, and panting heavily, I was attacking with maximum precision, targeting his vitals with even breaths.

Though equally bloodied, I wasn't losing blood as every laceration King Shark's claws caused would close in a couple of seconds. King Shark's wounds, on the other hand, lingered, slowly but surely depriving him of his power and sapping away at his stamina.

It took half an hour of punching the shit out of King Shark, and getting the same treatment at the hands of the humanoid shark for him to finally collapse on the ground, unmoving.

I barely stopped myself from falling on my ass as my opponent went down, instant relief washing over me and robbing me of the adrenaline rush, which was a big part of why I was still standing.

I looked around and saw that only three of my Spider Sentries remained standing, along with two of my sentry guns, which was more than I expected, in all honesty.

I sighed as I approached the closest scrap heap, a downed Spider Sentry, and activated my machine assembly and morphing powers, fixing it on the spot in mere seconds.

'Yeah... these two powers are definitely broken...' I briefly mused, but I shook my head as I surveyed the vicinity to see who was still standing, and the results didn't surprise me much.

'King Faraday, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Lady Vic...' I noted as I approached Merlin to check his vitals, and my expression immediately darkened at the realization there were none.

If Deadshot had all his toys, he would have likely taken out all my machines himself, but he wasn't, and I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Like seriously, horse mouths are fucking nasty, not as much as a certain group of people living on a certain island in Europe with a penchant for stabbing others whom I shall not name, but you get the idea.

(Author's note: I'm just joking, people. Please don't stab me XD)

'Well, shit...' I internally cursed as I approached Rick Flag, Copperhead, and the other masked villains I didn't recognize and was pleasantly surprised that only Copperhead shared Merlin's fate.

Rick Flag would bleed out any second now, while the other villains were either similarly half-dead, severely injured, or with permanent injuries, but at least they were alive. The same goes for the government agents.

I kneeled next to Rick Flag and started channeling energy into his body to heal his wounds, and they quickly closed at a visible pace, preventing any further blood loss.

It was something Richard recently taught me, but more on that later.

Unmindful of the remaining three villains and one government agent doing their best to avoid being gunned down by my machines, I proceeded to heal everyone whose life was in danger.

The violin bitch, though severely injured, was exempted from such treatment as I had something else in mind for her.

Once sure there would be no more deaths and blood on my ledger, I sighed as I moved to the center of the secret basement and started firing in the air to get everyone's attention.

"Everybody listen up," I exclaimed as I deactivated my machines, and the area immediately turned quiet as everyone stopped what they were doing, giving me their undivided attention.

"First things first," I said, raising my gun and firing at King Faraday, knocking him out cold to stop him from interfering in my plan before turning to address the still-standing villains.

"The fight's over..." I added as I turned back to the three villains. "There is no real bad blood between us. I won't kill you unless you force me to," I went on, spreading my arms as I put away my gun.

"The way I see it, Amanda Waller is the enemy that we need to be fighting, not each other," I concluded, relaxing my arms and letting them fall to the side as I observed their expression.

"Sorry, puddin', but it's not like there's anything we can do about it," Harley said, sounding all too calm about her predicament as if it was another person's problem.

"We stop fightin', and our brains go kaboom, remember?" she added, chuckling as she made a mock explosion with her hand, and the other two only offered silent agreeing nods.

"Not necessarily," I said, shrugging my shoulders as I approached one of the unconscious villains, flipped him on his stomach, and kneeled next to his unmoving body.

Taking a deep breath, I infused energy into my hand and reached for the back of the villain's neck. I stilled for a second, frowning in concentration as I controlled the flow of my energy.

One second later, I opened my eyes and ripped the explosive chip from his head with a spray of blood, leaving a bloody gash, which I immediately healed before getting up.

"I can take out your explosive chips, and there's nothing Waller can do about it," I said as I held the chip in my hand, activating it and throwing it high in the air.

"I've already disabled the control chips in yours and everyone's heads, and only I can activate them again," I added, and as if on cue, the chip immediately exploded once I stopped talking.

"So you're basically saying that our leash went from one hand to another, bloody great..." Lady Vic said, her tone exasperated as her shoulders slumped in exasperation.

"Leashes are for dogs, and I'm a cat person myself," I said, shrugging as I chuckled. "I'm willing to remove the bombs in your heads, and all I ask is that you hear me out. Nothing more, nothing less," I added, shaking my head.

"It's not like we have a choice..." Deadshot said, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he trailed off, clearly waiting for me to start talking, and I was happy to oblige.

"As I've already said it. Waller is the enemy here, and there's only one way we can get rid of her," I said as I walked towards Merlin's body, picking up his bow.

"We only need to expose her to the people, and they will eat her alive," I added as I turned to the Copperhead's body, knocking an arrow and aiming at his torso.

"However, I can't do that on my own, for that, I need everyone's help," I added as I let the arrow loose, and it found its mark, penetrating the side of the latter's chest and exploding, tearing his body to shreds.

"In other words, I want you to surrender yourselves to the authorities and testify against Waller," I concluded as I walked away from Merlin's corpse and activated the explosive chip inside his head.

Merlin's corpse exploded, and all evidence of my involvement in the two villains' deaths evaporated as I'd already scrambled the basement's surveillance system and fried its database already.

There was still the matter of Deadshot, Lady Vic, Harley, and the many unconscious government agents, but I was sure I could sway the three villains to my side, and the others won't have any credibility once I'm done with them and Waller.

"And go to jail? No thanks," Deadshot immediately replied without even needing to think, and I smiled under my helmet, having already expected his answer.


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