The Author Must Die

She was going to find the author and kill him for making her suffer! Ye Qing Xin did not want to be a villain. However, no matter how much she tried to change her life, a force would make her do things that she did not want to do. In the end, she died. Tragically. When she woke up again, Ye Qing Xin found that she was surrounded by people who claimed that they were her family members. According to them, she was involved in an accident and has been in a coma for a week. In this new world, she was finally free from the force that was always controlling her. Ye Qing Xin planned to live life freely, finally without anyone or any power controlling her. Her best friend stole her fiance? She did not care about it. Just let this so-called friend keep this scumbag! Someone planned to overthrow her from her company? Tsk… Do they think it was easy to bully her? One day, Ye Qing Xin was walking in a bookstore when she found a book. Seeing the characters' names and the story made her realize that it the past, she has been living in a book! The author has been so cruel to assign her as a villain! No. A cannon fodder! Who was the author? Where was the author? Ye Qing Xin swore that once she got her hand on that person, she will never let him go! --- This book is my WSA 2023 entry~ --- Cover Illustration commission by kirinlukis --- Shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much 2. True Love and Other Lies 3. A Lifetime with You 4. The Dragon Beside Me 5. Love So Sweet 6. Commander Qi's Runaway Wife 7. The Wedding Planner's Romance 8. The Author Must Die

zetsubouaichan · Urban
Not enough ratings
412 Chs

Uncle Feng is Too Pitiful

The food and drinks were served. Everyone sat around in the backyard while chatting about this and that.

Ye Qing Xin looked at the people gathered around and was amazed by the closeness of Su Ming Yuan and his brothers' relationship.

The six of them got closer due to their elders' relationship. They go to the same school and grew up together. Their relationship continued to grow strong even though a lot of them were married and had their own family.

They would still gather up together and meet like this.

Ye Qing Xin has no memories of having a friend, whether it was in the book or in the real world. She could not remember anything from before her accident. It seemed that Zhang Yu Ying might be her first friend.

Having a group of friends who would always have her back was something that she was envious of.

Ye Qing Xin sat with the girls while accompanying one of Zhang Yu Ying's sons.