5 Guardian's crest

The road after the duke's property ended and the road became muddy.

Yup, it's the commoner's area. I intentionally choose the back village instead of the city. Because I only cared about the city when I wrote it. I never mentioned a single soul about the village back in the duke's territory. So, I will go and see if it's real or not.

He walked down the road which was surrounded by a deep forest. Wolf-like creatures were howling and some owl-like bird was making a weird sound. It was close to an owl and a rooster. He was looking at the bird to understand what kind of species that was.

I feel like I am walking in my dream. I saw everything I wrote but there are so many things I didn't even think of writing.

So, If I met someone who didn't even mention it once. Not even the backstage, I will be sure that I am in the real world. Not inside my dream.

He walked on the small narrow path that leads to a small village. He didn't even know what that village was called. He wanted to know that he was not dreaming. So he started running by imagining lightning speed with magic.

And so, he did.

He ran so fast that the wind and leafs of the trees beside him didn't get a chance to move, or to see what just happened. It felt like he just teleported into that village in a second.

"I can feel my body just ate half of my mana. "

He looked around him and saw so many houses and new roads that he didn't know they exist. But he wasn't sure enough.

So he stopped at someone's door and knocked.

Knoch, Knoch, Knoch.

"Who's there!! What do you want at this hour, are you a robber?" a man shouted.

"No, I just wanted a glass of water and a piece of bread"

"Get out of here!! How dare you wake me up and beg. Go before I call the area guard!!!!"

-so, I am not inside my dream. It's all real. This world is not something fake.

I just happened to write a story, and it happened to be real in another world. So, I came here because I know about this world!!

*That's true *

"I am sure I heard something in my head."

*Yes, you did. I am talking with you via telepathy.

I am the guardian of knowledge. I was surprised to see there was a person who knew someone else's future. So I blessed your soul when you died and I bought you here.*

"I really died back then. So tell me why did I enter someone else's body?"

*Is because that boy also died. And you happen to die at the same time. So I gave you this body as a welcome gift.

Oh, since you can hear my voice. I will give you something else too. It's my parting gift. I will be busy for a little while, so hang around here until I come back from my vacation.*

"A vacation?"

*Yes, It cost me a lot of power to transfer your soul to that body, and I am also bored here. So hang in there for a few centuries. I will come back again. So see you soon my favourite author. I love to read your books.*

Again, he became speechless.

There was no guardian in my story. And his favourite author? Even a guardian was reading my books? And why would a guardian need a vacation?

By the way, I feel like I received some sort of power from him. What was that?

He saw on his right hand that there was a tattoo, a black tattoo with so many patterns on it.

He studied so many mangas, novels and manhwa based on magic and kinds of stuff.

So he knew, this was not something simple.

He looked through his memory which was automatically installed in his brain. The guardian of knowledge gifted him the power of the holy hand. Also the left hand of destruction.

He was again , again!! Speechless by the enormous power he just received out of nowhere.

"Am I some sort of Guardian's loyal followers or something? This kind of thing heroes receives from the guardian to kill the demon king or lord or whatever!"

He sat in the middle of the village's main premises and saw people coming out of their houses to start their daily work.

"This is a whole new world. A world that really exists, it's not something I made out of my imagination. They are all alive, walking with flesh, and blood with a soul inside their body.

Just yesterday, I was thinking about killing the female lead, because it was just a part of my story.

Now I am thinking about her, she's also alive, a real alive walking human with a soul. But if I thought about it for a second, if the story I've written is the future, then how vicious that woman will become in the near future!

Should I kill her before she reaches that level?

Hah! I don't know. I should wait and watch.

After thinking about it for a long time, he went straight to the mansion for his work.

Back in the stable.

"After I received the crest of holiness and the crest of destruction, my body feels so light. No matter what I do, I don't get tired. "

He finished feeding all the horses and other animals in the stable, cleaned all the animal waste and also cleaned himself with water magic.

It was only 8 AM when he finished all the work and went into the workers dining hall to eat.

He had to cover his hands crest because it was too eye-catching.

"The food is also good these days."

Yesterday, I was looking at these people as NPCs, but now, I feel a little great about them being a real humans.

Even If I am not a social person, talking with people now is making my mind comfortable.

Some random man stood up and shouted,

"Hey!!! I saw the eldest son of the duke beat the youngest son. He was so seriously hurt that he couldn't even move. "

"Are you serious? Even if we're commoners, we don't treat our kids like that. "

" Even if we have 10 kids we'd never do that to our child." Another man says.

"They are taking it too far, that poor boy. "

Some of the agree.

-I see, there is still some person who thinks about him. Well, it's the real world after all.

He was eating his morning breakfast in a great mood. Then he thought about something.

It's the real world, right?

-I think I should change the story a little bit.

Viktor left the dining hall with a red apple in his pocket.


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