73 The weak [4]

Hospital, 4th floor.

Emma's face was rather strange as she followed Kevin from behind. As they walked, she couldn't help but notice Kevin's shoulders occasionally tremble from time to time.

"Kevin, about Jin..."

Just when Emma was about to mention the matter regarding Jin's sudden change in attitude, she was suddenly disrupted by a small burst of laughter.


Though Kevin tried his best, he finally couldn't hold back and laughed out loud.

'Makeup remover serves as a great women repeller'

Thinking back at what had happened on the rooftop, Kevin couldn't help but laugh out loud. Though the joke wasn't even that funny, it's just the way he said it.

His face was so serious...

"ah...I can't, hahaha"


Looking at Kevin who had just lost his composure, Emma didn't know what to say.


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