254 Ren Dover [2]

[July 15, 2056. 

A terrorist attack took place at the Lock during the battle royale games of the inter-academy tournament. 

Two teleportation devices were found to be installed during the event. Investigators have linked this attack to the Monolith. 

With the brave efforts of two young students, the portals were soon found and their activation was prevented.

Unfortunately, in a last-ditch attempt, one of the perpetrators directly cracked the core installed in the teleportation device.

A massive explosion followed suit, killing 260 people and injuring more than 80 in the process.]


Turning off the TV, Emma threw the remote to the side. 

"It's about time." Dressed in a black dress, Emma turned around. "Let's go, Kevin." 


A weak and hoarse voice replied back. 


Emma's lips tensed. 


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