252 Battle Royale [5]


The tumultuous sound of the sires rang inside of the dome. The whole facility turned red as emergency messages repeatedly echoed across the place. 

[Please evacuate the premise] [Please evacuate the premise] [Please evacuate the premise] 


Ignoring the sirens and staring at the metal disc in Ren's hands that was shaking uncontrollably, Kevin's eyes interlocked with Ren's. 

"Let's leave."

Dropping the disc on the ground, Ren took a couple of steps back. 

"Wait what about them? Are we leaving without them?" 

Kevin pointed towards the eight individuals on the ground. 

"Yes. Leave them."

Ren coldly replied. 

"But they are children" 


Turning around, Ren completely ignored Kevin. 

"Hey Ren, where are you going?" Kevin shouted. "Think about it, they could've been blackmailed by the Monolith to do their bidding. What if they are innocent" 


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