The Atrocious Werewolf Prince

[Mature Content] After Ragnarok, the gods and demons died, the heroes perished and all the beasts who fought them toe to toe ceased to exist as well. The world evolved, after the death of all superiors (Gods), the inferiors (Mortals) started to learn the ways to gain those celestial powers, some even surpassed the gods. They were gifted with the spirits of deceased powerful beings. Spirit stolen at birth, the prince of once a doughty werewolf kingdom, Ezra Zephyr is plagued by the curse of god until the fate draws him to a mysterious domain. Where he meets a beast, who became Ezra's spirit. That beast was no ordinary beast at all, he was the evil monsterous wolf of Norse, who killed Odin and devoured the Sun. He was Fenrir, son of Loki and Angraboda. Fenrir trained Ezra Zephyr before becoming his spirit; from that moment the Ezra Zephyr changed his innocence with atrocity. Join Ezra Zephyr as he'll wreck havoc in the world with Fenrir as his spirit. Get ready for rollercoaster of Adventure, War, Dark Schemes, Light Comedy and Seggs. A world where both Cultivators and Sorcerors fight for supremacy, a new fantasy world where Qi and Mana co-exist. *** First 32 chapters consist of MC's training, don't judge before reading atleast 40 chaps. This is a novel where MC will trample the so called Gods and Heroes in myriad of mythologies without disisting his sexual urges that he inherited as werewolf. However, there won't be harem and MC will not stick to one girl. [ Hello dear readers add me on discord to be in touch with novel man's fan community. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/AcZ72pRbAZ]

The_Novel_Man · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
425 Chs

Everything was planned

After Ezra conquered the city of Foham, he ordered them to cut the dead bodies into pieces and fill them in sacks.

This one order was beyond the expectations of everyone, but no one dared to oppose it. The violation of werehyena's female and everything else was part of Ezra's big plan.

For others, Ezra was doing strategic work with the advice of supernovas. But in reality, everything was decided by Ezra and Fenrir alone, he asked for supernovas' views for formality, to not make them feel unimportant.

Warborn was the country that former bandits were ruling. So Ezra needed something extraordinary, something that never comes to the mind of his enemies.

The duo of spirit and host came up with a solution, a lead in a psychological battle.

His original target was Bishnigam, but fighting an all-out siege battle on one front will make them vulnerable on the other side.