The Assassin Empress; WBYP Book

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The Assassin Empress; WBYP


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She watched among the crowd as her loving family were killed in the most gruesome way by the insecure cruel emperor and her jealous third uncle. The five years old Su Yue got mutism from the traumatic experience, but that didn't deter her from ruling over thousands of assassins whom the world feared at the mention of their names. With a dead heart and cold personality, she ruled the assassin world. Her lonely and cold life was brightened a little by her fifteen years old impudent subordinate– Ah Yue Fan who could make her smile faintly. She saw him as a little brother, but does he see her as an older sister? What will she do when her greatest enemy and his nephew; the crown prince, falls head over heels in love with the same woman whose face has never been seen and voice never been heard? Whose personality the empress of the mightiest kingdom cannot compare to? She is out for blood, to kill them all, but when love from kind hearted people comes, will Su Yue whose heart is long dead return the love? be distracted by it? or choose to remain cold-hearted while she collects the debt from her debtors? Find out in THE ASSASSIN EMPRESS (We bring you peace). ****** Cover is not mine, if you are the owner and want me to take it down, please let me know. ******* Discord account: Hassy_101#6760 Facebook acct. : Hassy Bae Instagram acct. : Bae.Hassy. Email account. :...


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