11 Hunter's Association

Without anymore hesitation, he did the same to his torn trousers and just like the shirt, it gained a few attributes and was also a C-ranked item. 

*At this point, wouldn't opening a store be much better than raiding dungeons" Steve contemplated. 

Both routes would give him money and power. It wasn't like he actually had a leveling system that makes him stronger the more he killed monsters. 

"Well lets get registered first" he said before wearing his shoes as it was. 

The best he could do was to remove the dirt on it. He didn't know how to make a shoe so this was the best he could do for now. 

Of course, dismantling the shoe and learning it now was also a way but it wasn't what he was after as of now. 

Soon he was ready and looking as neat as possible, despite the clothes being the same as the one he had used in the dungeon, he looked like a completely different person. 

With a smile on his face, Steve picked up on of the Daggers on the floor and made a makeshift shealth for it using the extra material from the clothes. 

Turns out imbuing magic into cotton, enlongates it. Which meant that he had a few extra materials lying around after remaking his clothes. 

Soon after he was on his way, the nurses were thankfully kind enough to give him the directions to the association building. 

Steve found it weird that with how big the association claimed to be and what their duty was, it didn't have branches in every part of the country. 

By his understanding, there should be a hunters association center beside every police station. It will help with faster reaction time when a gate opens. 

Either way, it wasn't really his business, his business for now was to get the Hunter ID. It will serve as some form of identification for him from now on since it seems to be a world wide accepted ID. 

Nearly an hour later, he was standing in front of the association building. It was a large skyscraper… A  series of skyscrapers that met each other at certain points. The building was as magnificent as he thought it would be. 

"Good day, welcome to the Hunters Association, how may I help you today?" he heard a voice call out almost as soon as he entered the building. 

Turning to his side, he found the source, a young woman who looked to be in her early twenties could be seen just standing there with a smile on her face. 

"Hi, good morning, I came to get registered as a hunter, would that be possible?" Steve asked 

"Okay then, please follow this route to the left, you will see someone there to assist you on that" The lady said 

"Thank you" Steve replied before moving on to the place, he was directed to. 

The interior of the building didn't look all that different from normal offices. The down floor seemed to be just a general lounge area or something like that with multiple reception area located here and there. 

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