The Architect [Solo Leveling]

I may not know the peace of death but Jin Woo does. I may not have the power to create armies even while in battle but Jin Woo does. I am not Jin Woo, I am Steve Grant and I am the Architect. He may know the peace of death but I know the chaos that is life He may create armies even when in battle but I designed the battlefield. War cometh but Victory is mine. ... I do not own anything in this book apart from my OCs, all rights belong to their original creators. Also I will change a bit of the lore since the OG story while entertaining and interesting doesn't fit my needs and doesn't seem complete .... Please Join the Discord Server for all Anime and Comic fans https://discord.com/invite/Drm2y4Gta2

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Gate Opens

For an ordinary B-rank, an A-rank creature was already too much. For Steve who could be barely recognized as an E-rank, the gate was too much. The fact he had survived this long was already a miracle. 

"Let us hope, his suit is a powerful as he claims" The chairman said as he stood and watched 

Like the rest of the S-ranks in the area, he too came prepared for a battle. Many of these S-ranks may have not seen an S-rank gate in action but he had and he had seen how powerful it was. 

Jeju Island was a good example of what could happen should an S-rank gate be let loose. 

"Sonething's coming" The young man beside the Chairman said as they all turned to the gate 

They all felt a huge amount of mana leave the gate, the amount was enough for even the normal humans to feel it. 

"Evacuate the area, I want all hunters with transport type abilities on the job immediately!" Go Gunhee shouted as he removed his jacket. 

His countenance changing as mana began leaking from his body, even if still under control, it was still overbearing to many in the area. 

Following his orders, Jin Chul immediately got to work as they began gathering every hunter they could get.

They didn't care what class, they only cared about what type of abilities the person had. If it allowed them go from point A to point B quicker than the average hunter then they were needed. 

The excitement that once filled the air immediately vanished as the reporters and other journalists figured out the level of Danger they were actually in. 

Most immediately fled the scene in whatever vehicle they came in while some stayed to complete their duty… Mostly because even they too were hunters and believed that the Association and the S-rank would protect them. 

A few seconds later, the gate shrank as mana was poured out of it again in unbelievable amount, every hunter watching this had their hearts in their throats. 

None knew what to expect, the amount of power was excessive. The young man beside the Chairman pulled out two daggers as he took a stance. 

Following him, many of the hunters did the same. Of course they weren't sure if it would break then and there but they knew that it will eventually. 

"The gate is open, everyone get ready!!" Jin Chul shouted as he saw the gate turn blue. 

The time limit was over or the victim inside it was finally dead. Either of the two didn't matter because they knew what was about to happen, all braced themselves for the eventual horde but… 

"Oh thank God you guys are here, I was wondering who would give me a ride home" a male voice was heard as they watched a man who looked no older than 25 years of age step out of the gate. 

Following behind him was a young lady, she too looked to be of a similar age but all of the men in the area could swear that she was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. 

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