9 Creation

"Sure," the nurse replied without much thought. 

     Hearing that, Steve smiled as he returned back to his bed, the screen right in front of him. It had been a week since he was admitted and as it turns out, you can stay within the hospital for as long as you can but you must have a good reason to do so. 

     Despite the fact that his health was guaranteed, his case was a bit different due to the double dungeon incident. Apparently such a situation had never happened before. 

Considering his current situation, it was best he stayed here for now. Thankfully that would change soon, he was entitled to some compensation from the association due to the event .

He didn't know exactly how much it was but hopefully it would be enough to get himself a new place to stay. 

So far all he had done was training his skills and try to gain more mana. The latter was difficult but easy all at once and the other one could be done passively. 

Turns out that when you utilize a lot of mana within this world and recover it, it increases by a bit. 


Mana: 357 (+157)


This was the result of his hard work so far, may seem like nothing but it was a massive improvement. 

As for his actual skills, that was easy to determine. The space around his bed was filled with swords or daggers. 

His ability was as fascinating as he initially thought it to be. He could manipulate any material as long as he had an idea what it was. 

Even if he didn't know what it was, he could manipulate it still, however it will take took much mana from him. 

It was a reasonably balanced but still incredibly overpowered ability. 

"Wait wouldnt this make me like some super tier blacksmith or something like that, if I get access to monster materials, I can at least make a lot of money. 

Wasn't the ability just tailor made for him. If he used it right then he could get rich quickly by simply just selling an artifact he creates. 

Thinking about this, Steve picked up on of the many short swords and daggers on the floor. It was shaped irregularly unlike a regular short sword but then this was a fantasy world using game logic such equipment should exist here naturally. 

"Insight" Steve chanted while focusing all his attention on the sword


Name: Nameless

Item type: Dagger

Material: Magic Steel

Attribute: Sharpness III, Durability I. 

Attack Power: +500 (II) 


A dagger created by the Architect, Steven Grant. A tool designed with care and precise cutting in mind. It is made with ¦Magic Steel¦, a magical metal created when steel absorbs a lot of mana

World Rank: C


"Even this should fetch me a lot of money, right?" He asked. 

His lack of understanding to the way of life here was incredibly annoying, he didn't know the standard for even E-rank weapons talk more C-rank. 

He had no idea how expensive they were, or how powerful they were. This was called a C-rank tool but exactly what made it a C-rank tool. 


A/N: Numbers will not be used for attack power anymore, this was more to draw parallels between the actual Solo leveling system and the fanfiction.

Instead I will be using the roman numerals, I to V.

I = 100 - 250 = E-C

II = 250 - 950 = B

III = 950 - 1250 = A

IV = 1250 - 1950 = S

V = 1950 and above = S and above

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