The Archduke's Songbird

Lady Jessamyn brought home a ten-year-old orphan when she was eight. He was handsome ^_~. She provided him with a place to stay and warm meals. As they grew up, she desired to marry him, despite their differing statuses. As war raged, he signed up for the military, promising to ask for her hand when he was worthy. Two years later, he became more than what he promised he would be. He became the Archduke of Ayberia. But he broke her heart by marrying her friend. Years rolled away; life happened. She married a man who loved her and fell madly in love with him. She didn't think of him again. But fate was cruel; she was widowed at the age of twenty-one. She lost everything. Seven years later, she met a mysterious wolf while she was out at work in the Archduke's fief. She had a fall. The next morning, she found herself on the Archduke's bed. Did fate bring them together again? Or something nefarious is at play?  Is this a chance for a second love? Will she find out why he abandoned her in the past? Is it possible to rekindle their old love, or is it too late? ----- Join me in this journey. Your comments and votes are appreciated. Gift me to motivate me. Updates will be daily.

Golda · Fantasy
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224 Chs

Why Him?

The flickering fire cast dancing shadows on the rough, curved walls, its crackling the only sound breaking the forest's hushed silence. The temperature was mild, the fire's warmth creating a cozy contrast to the chill that crept in from the outside.

Jerrick's gaze was steady, his concern palpable as he watched her. The mood was somber yet charged with an undercurrent of unresolved emotions, a mix of confusion and relief.

"You don't realize?" he asked. His voice was low, almost a whisper.

"Realize what?" Jessamyn asked, her brows raised.

"It's not just anyone, Jessamyn," he said, his green eyes boring into hers. "When you were in danger, you called for me. Not anyone else. Me."

Jessamyn blinked, her mind racing to process his words. She remembered the dream, the feeling of warmth, and calling his name.

His hand reached out to clasp hers. "There's something between us, something more than just physical. You know it too, deep down."