In the faraway land, there is something you must learn about between Heaven and Hell.

Some of the things claimed to have experienced are that there are. It spoke to married angel couples from the Golden Age who had been happy in heaven for thousands of years. The fundamental issue of life is that love of self or of the world drives one towards Hell, and love of God and of fellow beings drives one towards Heaven.

God is love itself and intends everyone to go to heaven. That was His purpose for creation. Thus, God is never angry and does not cast anyone into Hell. God can be clearly seen for the loving Person He actually is. God is ONE.

"Look at her, Anael. Isn't she beautiful."

Anael has dominion over the air, thereby influencing love, romance and passion. Hence, love is in the air. Anael also is the angel of life and health. An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies.

Angels as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and Humanity. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out tasks on behalf of God.

Such angels may receive specific names such as Gabriel or Michael or titles such as seraph or Archangel. People have also extended the use of the term angel to various notions of spirits.

"Yes,she is."

The archangel smile. His eyes locked down at the baby girl of Eve laid inside the cradle with flowers of Roses round the cradle. The baby loves the flowers, amusing the archangel to look at her as she giggles and cooes. She stares at the angel's eyes.

"You know her time is coming, Anael. Her parents claimed her to be part of the family."

The archangel sigh did not want to let her go. If soon to be a parent wasn't claiming her, the angel himself will take care of her under his wings. He will love her and not want to let her go.

"If I may say something," said the Angel as his eyes on who created him alive, a God. "Will you grant my wishes?"

God smiled, "What is it, Anael."

The angel spoke again. "Can you grant me my wishes that I do not want her living with them? I want her to live with me in Heaven forever. I do not wish her living on earth with them, you know Lucifer will do anything to drag them to Hell. I don't want to see her with Lucifer in hell."

"You know I cannot do that, Anael. This is her family's wish that Humanity of my creation deserve to have their own happiness. This baby they wish for and I must grant it for them. I cannot be cruel towards my creation."

The angel stared.

"Would you rather see her grow with you, Anael? What would you do if she grew up, do you intend to love her and make her your wife."

"If you allow me, I will." The angel cried, he spoke back. "I'd just want her to live with me here. I saw what Humanity does, for having a child but I cannot bear to see her with them. I cannot see her happy towards others besides me."

God's smile. "Sounds like you are being selfish toward mine creation. You could watch over her, Anael. You can protect her, watch her grow by the years and years. Anything you see, is right here with me. Together."

Anael sighs again. "Any last word before I send her down to earth, Anael." He stood in front of her cradle with nothing to say. "I leave you two alone."

Anael in tears, smiling as he looked down at her, slowly bending down, kissing her forehead. The baby giggling and blushed as her eyes on him, her tiny hand reached Angel's face and he kissed her hand.

Close his eyes as he smells her scent for the last time before she is sent down to earth with her soon to be family. She must learn how to survive and she must learn everything about living on earth.

He will not be with her when she arrives on earth. She must do everything all by herself.

"I'll be watching you, protecting you, and I will be with you forever my sweet little Angel."

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