The Ape From Space

Imagine waking up to darkness, groggily realizing you're in space. I was not an astronaut, I'm a damn janitor for shit-sake, but rapidly learning about memories not my own... at least I think they weren't. I know three key-points that have me on edge. One, I was now a weakling Saiyan warrior named 'Kron'. a stupid name... Second was that Saiyan's were real, or I was self-inserted by some cunt. And three I was a hairbreadth away from the suction of space in an attack-Ball... God damned where am I heading? and fuck space! Disclaimer: I Own Nothing, except Artwork lol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Editing the earlier chapters.

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From Dusk


A month had passed, between my duties of security-guard for Weiss, training at the deepest point in the ocean in deadly pressurized depths and counting the days until an alien invasion was to start, I didn't want for things to do. Ozpin thought I had ignored his suggestion in being close-by and stick to the emerald forest to train on Grimm, he had no idea that to me, Grimm were no match… none of the beasts are. I hadn't had to escort Weiss anywhere at this stage, as with the looming initiation of Beacon coming close, she wasn't interested in going into the city and instead training her form of sword-fighting. As I could see, Blake was also training, using miss Goodwitch's class as a training ground and they even sparred sometimes too.

I had gotten stronger of course, no day was wasted in bridging the gap, this PTO commander… I needed to be ready, not to mention the unknown number of men he would field against me.

There was news regarding Vale, which Weiss was interested in, regarding the beginnings of Cinders plan to get the other half of the fall maiden's powers. The robberies were becoming more regular, Roman Torchwick having been mentioned a lot of the time on the news.

"Honestly! The nerve of these criminals. Kron, I have an idea. What say you about going after these lowlifes, we could head into Vale and… uh, hunt around for them, We could-

"We could, but if we do this remember I'm in charge. As your security-guard, I'm the one being paid to make sure you're not killed… or kidnapped" really, I really shouldn't bother. Roman wasn't the problem, but my training this passed month had eclipsed my power-level from 4600 to almost 6400. I could waste one day fulfilling this chick's insistent ego to capture criminals. Yeah... training at the deepest point on the planet was paying off, it was my own gravity-room and thanks to my technique 'aura sphere' I was able to survive and even thrive at such crushing depths. I was going to change 'gravity-room's so to speak soon, except it won't be on Remnant but on its cracked moon. I would try it anyway, hopefully my new theory about it pays off.

"That's fine, hey, we could even ask Blake to tag along. She seems… uh, street smart to me and she is book smart, maybe she will be able to come up with something to help us in our search. It's A thought" Weiss looked pleased and had already went from where she sat and went to leave.

"Ask her then, meet me near the bullhead heading into town. Blake or not." I went off as well, heading back to my room in order to change from my Saiyan armor and into my security-getup. Might as well play the part of mercenary and be a lap dog for Weiss. Who knows, I might even have a shot at killing Cinder if we cross paths.

Dressed to impress and all that.

It was on the way to my room that I had expected for me, having sensed her but not for her, coming upon miss Goodwitch from around the corridors. Reaching out to intercept her as she fell when coming upon me, I managed to stop her fall. My sensing ability had improved somewhat, I was able to detect exactly where… forgot her name, that fall maiden in the coma was kept. Her fluctuating life force was easily read now.

"My apologies professor, and here-" I quickly picked up the fallen clipboard and book and returned it to her, I was about to grab her weapon, the riding crop-looking one but she had had already picked it up and was about to retrieve the other stuff when I had intervened before.

"Thank you. I was preoccupied… any who what have you being doing? You look as if you're about to… do something stupid" we hadn't really grown that close over the month being here, but things did improve a little.

"Nothing much, about to go out with Black and White, you know. Hit the town-" the stern look had me momentarily stunned before I could continue, she interrupted me.

"Those two girls better be safe with you, if there not…you'll be held accountable. Understand, Kron?" feeling the urge to roll my eyes or retort, I nodded and went off. Getting away before she could say something else, I made it to my room and begun getting ready.

My mind was elsewhere while fiddling with my security uniform, going through the motions of dressing, I couldn't help but to frown when thinking of Ozpin and his questions. He was still digging, I at least had gotten rid of that blood from the alien soldier of the PTO so that was good. But I felt like I was missing something…

"Alright… so, off to escort the two princesses. ah…, a lot has sure changed, since getting here." mindful not to say much, in case Ozpin or Ironwood had bugged my room.

Making headway to the take-off pad, I was extra careful as I made my way as my strength had increased, I needed to learn better control of my strength. My physical strength spike increase meant that I had to pull my punches much more against remnants inhabitants. Forgoing Grimm of course. Of course, seeing as my training had increased now that I could handle more strain, and the increase in KI, worrying about being careful was beginning have a lesser impact then when I had started as my control was infinitely better. I still had accidents, just breaking doors and such occasionally but they were after bouts of my training sessions, before I had cooled down to relax.

"Ah, you two are here. It looks like we can get this underway, is there… oh right, the drivers already here" I saw the two girls then, Weiss was wearing a white hoodie, with her dress underneath. Her weapon was equipped to her belt too. Blake was wearing her bow, still hiding from her, uh… friend? her outfit was of that of season one, she too had a hoodie… black but wrapped around her waist. Blake's weapons were in her hands, she looked like she in the process of equipping them to their usual spot when I spoke out.

"Just waiting on you actually, Weiss was about to come look for you-"

"Was not! anyway, can we get a move on. I want to go eat first, I haven't gotten a good look of Vale since-" Weiss stopped before looking resolute. She walked to the Bullhead quickly.

"Come one you two." Weiss finished. Blake gave me a look before shrugging, walking less quick than Weiss was to like if she saw. I was about to just fly but forgone doing so and boarded the steel-death trap.

"So, how are you two going in your spars? Getting better?" I had asked, hoping to break some ice and engage them while waiting for the slow flight towards Vale.

"So, so. I am getting more wins, Though Where Blake had trained before coming here, they taught her really well. Sometimes I can't keep up with her speed." Weiss giggled, rather demurely I might add. Or posh, I can't really tell with these rich girls.

"It's probably some place out of the way, it doesn't matter really as Beacon academy is your future… if you girls even pass that is" I tease them, Blake looked grateful when I had changed the conversation in a roundabout way.

"The initiation is in four or so days I think… Miss Goodwitch had said we should except at least, the second, third to start trickling in soon." Weiss stated, looking…nervous, as she gripped the hem of her dress.

"Meaning we will be on a waiting list, in terms of using the facilities. At least that was I had understood from professor Port." Blake added.

"Anyway, while where still on the bullhead, what is the plan anyway. Might as well discuss this now before later" Blake continued, genuinely interested.

I gave Weiss A sideways glance, which she had noticed. She nodded before shaking her head, nodding she agreed in laying the plan outline.

"Yes, well we might as well retrace the criminals last steps, we might-"

"And go over what the cops have gone over? That'd be A waste of time-" I interrupted, leering at Weiss who faintly blushed, embarrassed… I almost started laughing, until realizing I had put her on the spot and asking her what to do. I continued before it got out of hand.

"OK, so we go to… that last store that was hit-" I said, forgetting the name of the store.

"Dust and Bin? That one, right?" Blake interceded for Weiss, who nodded in agreement.

"So, so heading there, after we get something to eat. Is that OK with you Blake?" Weiss had asked, I hummed in agreement but waited for the cat in disguise.

"I'll meet you at the store, or across the road from it at any case. There is a new book out I wanted to get my hands on, and unlike you two, I've already ate." Blake said.

"OK, will meet there at 7:30.p.m and will see if there are any clues or something." I nodded, whilst my right hand was in my pocket. My scouter was inside, my fingers ran over the metallic and glass texture while thinking. We would go along with Weiss's plan and while searching I would just see if I can track Roman down by the scouter, my sensing ability was good but not good enough to locate an individual within a city of million or so people. Using the scouter at this point was a crutch I know, and a weakness as there was a command ship able to relay with the things. I removed the communication side of the device rather crudely, but the thing still reads my power-level fine and hasn't short-circuited yet.

Our Ride was not that long, the bullhead had just touched down while I had zoned out, listening to the two girl's mundane gossip. It was getting late so Blake, having decided to split up with us, had ran like her life depended on it… well, in her cat-like grace.

"So, were supposed to just walk through Vale. Do you have A car?" I looked at her, left eye almost glaring at her but I had a thought.

"Car? besides the couple of payments I've gotten from you, I don't have enough for one. And besides, why walk when you can fly?" leering at her, I walked towards her. The thought that I could fly must have been slipped her head or something, but as I grabbed her in bridal carry and leaped upward, her panicked scream was barely heard as I focused on staying above the streets.

"If y-you drop me-" Weiss barely stopped fidgeting while I headed towards the business district in a slow and even pace. Weaving through the streets above the busy traffic we headed into an older part of the business area, where most of the dust shops were. We were looking for somewhere to eat that was close by.

"What's the map say Weiss?" I looked at her, she had a good idea on focusing on her scroll and the map-app, instead of looking down.

"Go, up the block there, then turn right. You'll see the buildings will be older as we go this w-way. Woah…w-watch it" she finished, interrupted by the draft of wind getting slightly stronger as a strong breeze passed.

"Yeah, this part of Vale sure is a shit hole. Hold up… that, that place looks open. That must be the place you were leading us to" I pointed at the apartment building which like the rest of the buildings in this area, were older than most of the bits I've seen before. The place I pointed to was emitting a low rumble sound, like… this must be a club and restaurant… or something.

"We might be able to grab a bite here, let's have a look" I descended, touching down and gently putting Weiss down too. Weiss pulled out her wallet before returning it to her pocket and then pulled out another item. Black-rimmed glasses?

"Why the glasses?" I asked intrigued, at least as she never wore them before.

"it's my disguise duh, I don't want to be recognized in there, and this place sure is… rundown looking, can't we go somewhere better?" Weiss pressed.

"Nah, lets just get in, eat then head out. Quickly does it." I retorted, already walking towards the entrance. Hearing footsteps, she followed after. The entrance was black… now that I see it, this door looks eerily familiar.

"It's rather dark huh?" I rambled out, not expecting an answer.

"I'll go in first, you're my security guard so play the part Kron" Weiss brushed up passed me, I held back the urge to growl out-loud but complied.

The entrance doors opened, there was a light that hit the entrance area that did not obstruct the eyes but rather a soft light. Walking behind Weiss, I could see the place and remembered where I saw it.

In my room, when I wasn't Kron. From before, on my laptop.

"The yellow trailer…" I whispered softly, Weiss turned to look back.

"You say something?" She hummed, then continued on around the

"No. Let's… see if these guys sell anything other than alcohol." I retorted, keeping what I had said to myself. The awe, man I felt walking down the steps and into the main dancefloor. There was quite a lot of people mingling, at the bar. The lights of white and red, the cube-like decor. Welp, now we just needed A hot-headed blonde to crash the place and it'll feel like I was home.

"This way, shall we" Weiss wasted no time, moving towards the left from the stairs to the exit. The bar had a few people, so their room.

"Excuse me, hi." Weiss had asked one of the men behind the bar.

"Yeah, what are you having" the man slurred out.

"We want to buy something to eat, I assume you don't just offer alcohol?" Weiss asked, the guy gave her a once-over before nodding.

"Yeah, I'll get you some menus." the guy went to get them, the other guy behind the bar, with red glasses had come up to us then.

"You two want A drink?" he asked gruffly, junior's gang-member waited rather patiently.

"Yeah, give me Bacardi, leave the bottle" I half asked, half hoped they had it in this universe. I had fell in love with the drink ever since I watched the anime 'Black Lagoon'. The man nodded before looking towards Weiss.

"Sparkling water if you have any" She replied,

"Word to the wise lady, that weapon at your hip-"

"Don't worry, sir. I won't be using it here, unless I have to" Weiss hurriedly interrupted the man, intent in assuring him about her weapon 'Myrtenaster'. The man nodded and went of the procure the drinks/bottle.

So far gazing around the club, there was no sign of Junior or those two babes he has as bodyguards. The guy returned, placing the bottle in front of me and a glass and bottle in front of Weiss, I motionlessly stared at the bottle of Bacardi while feeling my power roaming my body. It was bubbling just underneath the skin, I was getting a strong urge to maim someone. Reaching for the bottle, already opened, I went ahead and took a small drink.

"This is decent shit. Well, I'm A happy drunk so guzzling this might just help, ha ha…he" Taking another mouthful of the strong alcohol, I sighed out.

"Shouldn't you drink from A glass?" Weiss half yelled over the music, lips nearer to her glass before she took A drink. Then she done a double take and added.

"Wait, you shouldn't be drinking on the job!" Ignoring her, I took another swig.

I could sense, four strong powers signatures within the building now that I focused, somewhere on another floor. I wasn't going to investigate, but the guy who went to get them menus slid them over and went back to servicing other people. Another few minutes and having decided what I wanted, we waited for supper and just sat.

Checking out Weiss by my side, she really didn't look familiar to anybody who knew what she looked like, having that hoodie on and those glasses. She saw me looking and looked away, around to the dance floor by swinging around on her stool and leaned back on the counter.

"I haven't been to places like this before. It's… different, but… not really out of my comfort-zone" Weiss explained and I remembered that she had sung for bigger crowds. I nodded, grabbing the bottle and sipping A little.

"I don't like big crowds, but I admit this place isn't that bad." I replied, our orders were handed to us, and we ate.

Twenty or so minutes later, we were done and went to leave. I Could sense those four from before, but they were still on another floor.

"Alright, lets head to that dust store." Weiss said, I nodded while keeping pace with her.

The store 'Dust and Bin' was not that far from Junior's club, I also added a waypoint on my scroll's map app for junior's as I wanted to go drink there later.

(Blake Belladonna-POV)

After buying my reserved copy of 'ninjas in love' My Sweet Samurai', Tukson was still around and bid me well oddly enough. He said that traitors should work together or some such. She simply smiled briefly and left with her new book. On the way she came upon A blonde boy who almost ran into her. He had a nasal-sounding voice as he continued to run and apologized to her. Walking another block, she saw Weiss striding down the street, hood on and hands in pockets. Kron was also spotted, menacingly keeping behind Weiss, he looked deep in thought if she had to guess.

Blake didn't really know what to think of Kron, he was certainly powerful and had no qualms with killing and he was an training maniac too.

"He is… easy upon the eyes at least…" Blake whispered to herself, admiring his chiselled form and the way his security-issue Schnee uniform was firmly worn on his form. Weiss it seemed had noticed Blake, having taken off her hood and walked A bit faster towards her. Kron however stopped suddenly, his left hand went to his pocket and he pulled out the weird device of his. Placing it upon his face, with the glass covering his right eye, he was as still as A statue.

"Hey Blake, we should be there soon, then-" from the alleyway behind Kron emerged at least nine guys, each rugged looking and their domineering faces leered at Kron with even A few of them lecherously gazing at them. Weiss it seemed noticed where her attention was and turned back, intent in order Kron to get A move on or such and such when she spotted the obvious-looking street gang. It seemed that most of the people on the street had seen the incoming engagement and had as quick as wind, dispersed from the immediate area.

"how're quaint gents, we got us an disgusting Faunus and two sluts in fore of us. Now monkey, you can fuck off now haha" The grinding-sound from the last sentence of this… this human pissed her off, the laughter from this guys fellow gangster's pissed her off even more. She heard more footsteps from behind her and saw more of these scum, on closer look at their threads, their tops had the word 'The V Poacher's' on the front which symbolized their gang name or some such nonsense.

"Or do you want to stay and watch huh? You animals really are disgusting beasts hehe. OK then you can-" Blake didn't even blink when the man who she assumed was in charge was suddenly knocked back, hitting the street light behind him. The mans screams were over when he hit the lights, smashing them and blood had fallen from the wounds. The man went limp, silent… Blake assumed he was knocked out.

She was right… but the guy was going to need medical attention.

"You…y-you bastard! Get the- that fuck" one of the guys who went to check on the downed guy yelled out in furious anger, red in the face and spittle flying everywhere.

"What did you think was going to happen, you walking cliche pricks." Kron's voice was heard right behind her. When the heck did he?… never-mind, she turned to him in surprise, Weiss was still indignant about the thugs when she was suddenly grabbed. Blake too, in shock didn't realize, having been reaching for her weapons when Kron had too grabbed her… and with such ease had encircled both her and Weiss.

"You girls could easily handle this rabble, but I need to vent and these prick's have offered themselves." he then lifted off of the ground with her and Weiss tucked under each of his arms. The thugs had stopped running towards them, some of them who her almost upon them had started swearing but surprise and anger was the common look for them.

"You f-fucking cowards! Come down here and fucking die! What are you looking at dickheads, fucking shoot them!!" the freshly-minted leader of the group of -1 had screamed.

"Kron, they're probably just civilians… with no aura, why are we up here?" Blake bit out, getting pissed off at these racists, the little battle-lust her focused mind had come out to the surprise of Weiss and huh… Kron too. Those affiliated with the 'The V Poacher's' with guns on hand had begun trying to gun them down. Their aura's had absorbed the rounds, and they took cover when the much bigger rounds had tried to penetrate them but Kron, he just… stood and took it. His clothes were getting torn to shreds but he himself… his aura must be impressive to just waste taking the bigger caliber rounds and even the rare dust-infused round.

"What are we doing Kron?, we running or-" she stopped mid-speech when Kron, having raised his right hand, started emitting an purple-colored light. Being close-up to him, she knew she had seen this before. The soft humming, like an generator had begun getting louder and then the light had formed into an glowing sphere, which went from the size of an A marble to the size of an beach-ball.

"What the… whats up with the weather? It wasn't suppose to be windy, was it Blake. Kron your not going to k-kill them are you?" Blake almost ignored what Weiss was talking about, Weather-wise but snapped to Weiss at the second part of her sentence. Both girls eyes were watering from the wind, all being pushed outward from one source.


"Just one of them… I mean just one more of them. Bwaheheha… "Kron's laughter had wrung in both of their ears, the idiot was really going to… she… s-she had to.. how was she to… to stop this idiot from getting put in jail for murder… well more murder?. But still the orb, glowing within Kron's reach had grew in size and now was roughly the size of an crate of dust which shouldn't be possible.

"You!, you big mouth… here bwaheheehah here, have some more vitamin D in your diet-" Blake, having came to the conclusion she didn't really have an plan in order stop Kron. Well, she improvised. Grabbing him by the head, she pulled his face to hers and seeing the surprise on his face… and smelling the alcohol on his breath which almost made her gag but she thought through that and…

Kissed the drunken mass murderer on the lips.

She didn't look at him and kept her eyes shut and out of his surprised eyes view, but she heard Weiss gasp from behind the rooftop they were on. Hearing the explosion and then, opening her eyes, she pulled away when she turned to look where the attack had hit. Kron had missed the one he was intent to kill, instead the attack landed just out of the raciest gangs reach. The explosion however, had ripped the footpath and part of the road into pieces which formed A crater. She saw the men on full retreat.

"Alright, can you let us down now, we've got to ring in an ambulance for that-"

"You k-kissed him!" resisting the urge at rolling her eyes, she looked upon Kron. Then she smirked, when he was looking down the red tinge on his face…

"Are, are you blushing, what haven't you kissed A girl before?" Blake teased, and it didn't take long for him to snap out of it.

"Shut i-it woman!" Heh, he really reminded her of one of her book's protagonists and well, she managed to stop him from killing more people. Even if it did cost her, her first kiss.

I'm getting closer to RWBY's 'canon' content, mc is also becoming more angrier which is A plot-device. I based the Blake and Kron's kiss from the movie 'The mummy' where the heroine

in that movie kisses the mummy in order to stop him from killinh the heros with A sandstorm. I'm still working out some kinks for the next chapter, which I'll post tomorrow. At this point nothing romantic between any of the characters, although there are some feelings...

Edited 27/03/24 to my best ability.



-Kron/MC = 6400 - oozaru = 64000


Known KI-Move's

-Tyrant’s Wave = An AOE attack, purple wave of Ki. Best for close to medium range, multiple opponents.

-Royal Spear = An long range beam of purple, the end of the attack resembling an 'arrow head'. the beam take's time to charge. Best for Long range, multiple opponents. Can be charged for better damage.

-Double Sunday = An attack remade from being an favourite of 'mc', fires two beams of purple Ki at any target in front of opponent. Best for short and medium range. Can be used on one or two opponents at once.

-Aura Sphere = An activation passive ability, created by 'mc' to be used as A sort of training/survival technique. Allows user to breath in any location one cannot usually. 'Mc' has upgraded this technique to be able to take damage, like an shield.

Current damage-types taken- physical, KI.

Shield strength-low.

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