The Angel Spoils Me On My Way To The Top

Haruto Watanabe a person who failed to achive his dream in being a pro volleyball player gets another shot in the world of Haikyuu. Will the spark that he lost be re-ignited and reach the top or fail once again. Maybe an angel will be the one that will help him reach the top to be the best. [I don't own anything except OC} [Cover art was found on google] (This is my first time writing so I may not have the best grammer but I will try my best to improve)

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"Finally home, that shift really killed me.."

Working as a nurse has its perks, some being meeting the many patients you get to care for and listening to their stories which can be very interesting to be fair, who doesn't like hearing a bit of tea being spilled in their lives right? While on the other hand you can get some "fascinating" patients which can make you wonder why you decided to work here in the first place.

"I didn't know you could fit that many racist phrases and words in one sentence until today. I wasn't even able to catch half of what he said to me.."

One of the student nurses turned off his TV since they thought he was sleeping but I guess he didn't like that very much and I somehow got caught in the crossfire.


"Huh, I swear I had at least one more of those microwavable dinners left. I'm too tired to cook right now I'll just make something fast.

Opening the cabinet I took one pack of instant ramen and started to cook thinking about my life so far.

Haruto Watanabe. I was pretty normal growing up having above average grades, had friends I was able to hang out with, enjoyed playing video games and watching anime in my spare time. I even got a girlfriend which was pretty awesome.

In elementary school they started to introduce sports and I seemed to have a talent in playing them, be it sprinting or running long distances to shooting a basketball. Not a once in a lifetime genius level but one where you were better than the majority. Over the years I just continued playing since why not I was told I had a talent for it so why not continue playing. It was until my mother introduced me to a sport where she played varsity in during her highschool and college days.


I was taught the basics and thought it would be like any other sport I've played so far but I was very much wrong. When I passed that ball for the first time and started to rally with my mother I felt something go off inside me. The slight burn on the forearms and the volleyball pushing against my fingertips while volleying was one of the moments that was so vivid that I can still feel it to this day.

From there I started to get more into the sport. I never joined a club since although we weren't poor my family was very busy with work and I had a brother coming along the way so I didn't want to bother them with my request. I joined my school team and started to find community centers where I can play some pickup games instead with some of my new friends that I was able to meet over playing together. From elementary to middle school we won championships and in my sophomore year of highschool we continued to win games and tournaments until I started to realize a problem.

My height

I stopped growing at around 5'6 during that year which was fine at the time but going into senior volleyball it might be a problem when facing the best of the best schools where every player was at least 5'11 or taller. I was able to overcome my issue by increasing my vertical as I played as a power during my years but I began to realize that I had a very small chance in continuing playing into the big leagues such as going pro.

In the end I stopped playing seriously in my senior year of highschool as my only chance in going forward was to play as a libero but my skills in passing were not as strong as my hitting. I still tried my best to continue as a libero but was benched for the majority following seasons. During that time I started to feel like I lost the spark that kept me going and stopped playing.

I moved on and chose nursing to study since I never really had a passion for anything other than volleyball and my science marks were pretty good so I decided to apply to some programs. I studied for 4 years and got my diploma alongside some PTSD of studying a week before your final and trying to cram as much info in your head as possible.


"Ugh, remembering those days gave me the chills. I swear I never used some of the stuff I crammed in the real setting. Oh, it seems like the egg is done cooking, I'll just put it in a bowl and eat in front of my PC so I can relax since I'm off tomorrow."

Sitting down with my bowl and a glass of soda I turn on my PC

"Should I watch or play, I need to do my dailies and catch up on some of the events I missed but I feel so lazy to do them right now.. Let me just watch I'll just do them all tomorrow I'm off anyways."

I turned on one anime I let pile up since the light novel I read was really good. All the volumes gave me high doses of sugar that I felt I actually needed some insulin. I was surprised that they made an anime and I watched the trailer they released and my god the characters looked good. They did the novel justice I must say.

"Watching a romance anime while eating ramen in my apartment alone seems a bit lonely I must say"

I sighed it's not like I can not get a girlfriend okay, in fact I must say I'm at least above average and my body was still built from continuing my workout routine since highschool. It's just the women around me just don't make sense to me, how is "He must take me on a first class trip to dubai on the first date" a requirement for me to date you. Others just seem to just want a one night stand with me so I just decided to focus on my job and save up so I can spoil my other half when I finally meet her.

Pushing those thoughts away I just continued watching when I saw a character with long silky blond hair with caramel coloured eyes.

"Mahiru Shiina. Kinda wished someone like her existed in real life. Imagine a beautiful woman who has a kind and loving personality who works hard without being arrogant and on top of all an amazing cook. That is basically the best wife candidate."

If I had a wife like that supporting me I'll be more than willing to go repeat another 16 hour shift again..

Well maybe not but still looking at the food being shown on the screen is making my stomach growl even though I just finished eating

"Damn I know the way to get to a man's heart was through his stomach but how the hell is she able to make me even more hungry through a screen."

"I'll just get some chips or something to help fill me up a bit more"

As I stood up from my chair I started to feel extremely dizzy and the room started to spin. I tried to catch onto the chair to help keep me balanced but no luck as I fell and knelt onto the floor with one hand on the ground and one on my head.

"Did the 16 hour shift finally get to me and now I'm getting a heart attack because of it"

My breathing started to get faster and my chest started to feel tighter

"No, I can't go out now. I still haven't completed the new events yet and a new region started to open up too. I swear if I saved up all this time just to not use it I'm going to die of a salt overdose before this damn heart attack."

My vision started to get darker and I started to feel weakness overcome me

"..Sorry mom and dad, I wasn't able to show you a grandchild before leaving you.."

In an apartment in the city a body was on the floor, not moving a single inch


I felt like I was floating in a body of calm water letting the waves carry me as they wished.

[WTF!! I swear I didn't mean to accidentally press this, did I do some damage.. HOLY SHIT I ACTUALLY KILLED SOMEONE I WAS JUST MAD I LOST MY 50/50 AND I JUST THREW MY PHONE]

I must be hallucinating cause i just heard something outrageous right now

"Shit if they find out I accidentally killed someone they're going to delete my account for the millionth time."

I must be hearing things right no way someone stupid enough will accidentally kill someone just because of some gacha

[Hey I'm not stupid and I can hear you.]

Yes must be a hallucination

[You're not hallucinating you know. you did die because I did something by accident. Are all mortals this stupid to deny what's in front of them?]


[Stop yelling!! I know I did something very wrong but you can't blame me for this since I lost my 50/50 six times in a row!]

Heh must be a skill issue just to let you know I never lost a 50/50 in my life

[HUUH what kind of luck is th-]

[*^@#$% what was that ripple that I felt just now]

[SHIT that old man is going to kill me if he finds out]

Hey hey what are you planning on doing.. Put that bat down we can talk right? Hey listen don't come any closer I swear i'll scream. Hey!! At least tell me where you're going to blast me to and give me at least some compensation

[Don't worry I'm going to give you two gifts that can help you in whatever world you're going to get into. Sorry once again and screw you for having that good ass luck. Bye Bye!]


[Enhanced Learning Ability]

[Enhanced Adaptability]


AHH you asshole!! I curse you with endless salt in all of your future pulls!!

[*^@#$% what was that and why are you holding a bat?]

[Don't worry old man, it was nothing!]

The old man nodded slightly confused and left checking the room one last time

[Whew that was close. But that last statement he said was very ominous… there's no way it can happen right?]

The goddess shivered and picked up the phone and continued to play as if nothing happened not knowing what is to come in the future.


Anyways that was my first try in writing a prologue *clap clap*. I decided to write this since I was hardly able to see any Haikyuu fanfics being updated and I decided to add The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten since who doesn't want a supportive gf when trying to reach the top of a sport right? Anyways I am undecided if there are going to be more animes going to be put other than Haikyuu and The Angel Next Door so I am open to suggestions. Anyways I hope you kinda enjoyed this prologue and until next time Peace!