The Ancient Genes

[Check our my new work 'Mech Lord'!!! ] In a place where Magic reigns supreme, what would our MC do as he finds himself being rejected by the world. This is the story of a boy who lacks the ability to wield mana. After shaming his parents who are considered to be among the strongest Mages of the era. Our MC stands at the terrace of the School building planning to commit suicide. What has fate got stored in for our MC. Will he commit suicide ? If you want to know, join our MC as he struggles to find his path. In a world with mysteries and threats looming, what is waiting for him? ------------------------------------- All the characters and incidents in this story are imaginary. Please note that the chapter can be a bit slow. So please be a bit patient and read up to 50 chapter before making any opinion .......................... My Other Work: MechLord ............. The Cover art is made by Valeriexx. Join the Discord : https://discord.gg/WTDaPfU DM me @ ReincarnatedSaint#2904 on Discord Instagram ID: @reincarnatedsaint

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As soon as Murcas completed his chanting. His hairs started to grow, tiny red scales started to protrude out of his skin. His tooth sharpened and his eyes became red.


Murcas let out a terrifying roar which could be heard throughout Arcane. And then he brought down the sword above his head.


The blizzard was hacked into two creating a path straight to the center of the vortex.

But, before Murcas could move any further, the storm started to subside.

"Interesting...hm..I really wished to settle this with you but it looks like we won't be having alone time here.", Alciel said as he turned his head.

Murcas could sense several presence moving towards them.

"Well then, we will meet again.", Alciel said with a smile as he disappeared from his spot.


"I.. won't..lose..ag..again..", there was a slight murmuring coming out of Derek's mouth.

"Look at this kid..if it wasn't for you. Do you think I would have let them go. Only because of you we failed to complete this mission.", Alciel said as he moved quickly through the streets and disappeared from his spot once again.


On the other side, Murcas returned back to his original form.

There were several figures rushing towards their direction.

Within a few minutes, the place became full with the strongest force in Arcane.

Things after that were much simpler.

The branch of the Seven Sins at the Arcane was only meant for trainees. With so many experts, it didn't take long for the place to be razed into the ground.

The girls along with Max and Axle were taken to hospital.



"Sir, we don't have any information about those two guys. One of them appears to be a Mercenary named Shura. But there are no past records about him. They appear suspicious. Besides they were even dressed in that outfit.", A man sent to take hold of the situation reported to the senior by his side.

"Those two brothers are nice. It was them who saved us."

A girl lying on a bed beside them spoke.

Hearing them the other girls who were still conscious began to raise their voices.

"But it is the procedure, we need to investigate everything. We can't let any suspicious person get away. You don't need to worry. If they are innocent, we obviously won't do anything."The man said with a smile.


Suddenly a man couldn't hold it any longer. He appeared to be the parent of one of the girls.

"What suspicious? What to investigate? What procedure?"

"You ba*tards already declared our Childs dead back then. Now you want to investigate by capturing the people who saved our child. Is this how you people work."

The man probably confused the person for an official from Guild Union. He was so angry that he even cursed in front of his own child.

But hearing them, the other parents in the room too began to shout and criticize.

They had already lost hope. But somehow they had received their child back. There were some people who had fought with their lives on line to rescue their child.

"Mom, will they take that big brother away.", a girl spoke to her mother.

There were several people in this room with a stronger background. And now the official from the association seemed to be in trouble.

They had already received orders from their director that they had to investigate every nook and cranny of this case. If anything went wrong, they would be fired. They didn't know what had happened to their director. But one thing that they knew was that this case was related to some powerhouse. If not why was their director sweating so much for.

But at that moment, a voice sounded in the room.

"Those two are my men. If you have any problems, say it to me."

The official turned around to find Murcas standing at the door.

How could he have any problems with this man?

After this incident, the entire world knew that Arcane had produced its first own Master.

"No..No..we don't have any problems since we know who these two are."

With that the two officials hurriedly got out of the room while the parents rushed towards the Murcas to thank him.


Capital Orca.

Mage Association…

A person was sitting on a luxurious sofa with a glass of wine in his hands while a person in a butler uniform stood in front of him with his head down.


The butler trembled.

"Seven Sins…. it looks like they really have overestimated themselves. They dare to aim for my daughter. I will show them their place."

"Deploy the experts, destroy all the Seven Sins bases here. They think they are strong, I will let you know the consequences of offending me."

"As you order my Lord, anything else my Lord.", the butler said.

"Prepare to send him, I don't want to leave my daughter in anyone else's hand.", the person spoke.

Volume 1 ended.


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