29 Meeting in the Association (Part-2)

Central Area, Arcane.

"Stop around the corner." Max asked the driver to stop the car as the view of the Association's Office came into his sight.

Since he hadn't changed his get up. He asked the driver to stop a street away from the Association.

He got out of the cab after paying the driver. Checking his surroundings, he sneaked into a dark alleyway and came out in his disguise as Shura.

Then, he was ready for the meeting. So, he headed for the Association and as usual, the entrance was crowded by hoards of people.

He could hear various voices in chaos. Some were there to issue a quest, while some were looking for help.

After walking through the entrance, He headed towards the Mercenary Department and within a few minutes, a familiar sign entered his vision.

As He approached the reception desk, he heard a feminine voice.

"Sir, you are finally here. We have been waiting for your arrival ".

Hearing the familiar voice, Max turned towards his left to find a beautiful and mature lady with a voluptuous figure walking towards him.

She was the same lady, he met the very first day on the counter.

"Sir, a person is waiting for you. Please follow me ".

She waved her hand towards the elevator beckoning him to follow her.

Seeing her gesture, Max gave her a nod and took the lead towards the elevator as she followed behind him.


"So, who wants to meet me? I haven't got much time." Max spoke in a hoarse, pretending to be mysterious as he didn't wish to get treated as an average guy.

" I am sorry Sir. But the person this time is someone whom even the Department Head has come out to welcome. Sir, I request you to take out a bit of time from your busy schedule. We assure you of some benefit ".

Although he had no idea of the expression on her face, she sounded very sincere.

On the other hand, he was shocked by the realisation.

'Damn it.'

'How can I forget such a thing.' he thought.

It was obvious that a monster figure would appear if Mage king's daughter was kidnapped.

Sweat starts to form inside his mask and he felt a bit tense.


'Don't tell me it's the Mage King himself.'

'No that's impossible.'

It was impossible to reach Arcane from the Capital in less than a day.

At least that was common knowledge.

'What do I do ?'

That was an opportunity to complete the Quest and rescue the girls at the same time.

He couldn't let his nervousness take over him. He needed to create an image for himself.

As he was busy in his thoughts, a sound resonated in his mind.

« System's suggestion: Host's understanding of pretending and flaunting has reached 100%. Host can form a Basic skill « Acting » for 5FP »

Hearing the System's sweet and pleasant voice, though he didn't felt that to be right in some way, that didn't seem to be wrong either.

He didn't know if that would be helpful or not. But at that time, having an extra trick in his arsenal wouldn't be a bad thing.

So he accepted that.


Finally after a minute of walk, They reached the elevator with the No. 7 on it.

It was a bit odd as there were no switches inside the elevator. It seemed to be connected to a single floor.

It looked like the Association really has a big pocket for being so extravagant.

'I mean isn't this a bit too much.' he thought .


The elevator's door opened as They reached the designated floor.

"This way Sir ". The lady took the lead and Max followed after her.

Looking at the sight in front of him, he felt his body heating up a beat.

He couldn't help it.she was hot and he was a man after all.

It was a natural reaction and nothing more than that.

"Sir, please enter ". She spoke as They got in front of a cabin.

Her voice jolted him up from his thoughts and he stuttered in shock before calming down.

"Y...Y..Yes, thank you ".


Oh! that was close.

Max thanked god as he created the «Acting» skill. He almost let out his original voice in panic.


After calming down, he finally pushed the door to the cabin, entering the room.


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