The Ancient Genes

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Finding The Way Out

Seeing the rubbles fall out of the giant hole, Max tried to move in an attempt to save her.

But his brows furrowed and his face turned dark as the realisation struck him.

'I am not fast enough '

'I can't make it in time'

At that moment, suddenly the face of that blonde hair girl appeared in his mind.

The scene where he promised her to save her friend kept repeating in his mind.

"Max!" Suddenly Max heard Axle yell and he saw him stretching his hand towards him.

Max looked at him and he replied with decisiveness in his eyes, "Throw me."

"What!?" Max couldn't believe him.

If he messed up, both of them would be buried under the rubbles.

As if hearing Max's inner voice, he said, "Just throw me. I trust you."

Damn it!

'Bastard, he is still trying to act cool.'

"Fine don't blame me if you get killed." Max said with a laugh before gripping his hands tightly.

"Like you would let me be killed," Axle spoke as Max let his back touch his chest, positioning himself for a shoulder throw.

He didn't have any experience with those techniques. But he had seen that before.

Max let himself get a strong footing before using the strength from the very bottom of his body and letting it flow right into his arms.


Max sent him flying with all his strength.

"Crash! "

And at the next moment, the rubble crashed sending all the water into the air.

It all happened within a few seconds.

"Ahhh!!!", the girls screamed seeing the scene while Max made a dash toward it.



Max screamed.

But the lack of response made him tense.

"I...am..alive," Finally Max heard his friend's voice.

As he quickly moved in the direction of the voice, he saw Lisa getting up. She was at least a meter away from the spot of the rubble.

Her expression was complicated and she rushed towards the rubble as soon as she got up.

Max too began turning his head and finally, his eyes found him in the corner.

But as he moved to pick him up, his eyes landed on his leg.

A rod had found its way into his legs. It had pierced his calf from the back and had come out from the shinbone from the front.

It was bleeding terribly and yet that idiot was smiling and giving him a thumbs up.

Max walked in front of him and kneeled down planning to tear the lower part of his trouser to get the rod out.

"Stop watching Animes, or you will die one day while trying to act cool.", Max said as he ripped the part of his pants.

"It will be worth it if it's a heroic death." Axle replied as the pain started to affect his expression.



Lisa finally arrived after a few seconds while kicking the water in her way.

"Is he all right?", Max could hear her voice behind his back.

"Do you have eyes?" how could he speak to her properly. Wasn't that all her fault to begin with.



Max had already decided to kick her if she dared to argue with him at that moment.

And luckily she didn't.

"I am about to pull the rod out," Max gave Axle a heads up and he nodded.

By this time, everyone had already gathered by our side. Everyone had a worry on their faces.

"Shnk!", Max pulled it out.

"Umhh!!", Axle gritted his teeth and refused to let out a scream.

But as he pulled out the rod, blood started to flow out like a stream.


Max hurriedly put one of his hands on his wound trying to slow down the flow of blood while stretching out his other hand toward his back.

"Quick anyone, tear a piece of their cloth."

If the wound was small, he could have just used Vital Arts to stop the flow of blood. But it was too big for him.

"Rip!!", the sound of a cloth tearing apart could be heard and he finally received a cloth in his hand.

Max could see Axle's face, it wasn't looking good. Even if he didn't have medical knowledge. He could still tell that he needed to get treated by a doctor soon or it won't be good.

"I am done, can you get up," Max asked him.

"Yeah, I can," both of them got back on their feet.

It was only at that moment that they noticed something.

Since one of the girls tore a piece of clothing from their dress, it was obvious that they could tell who it was from a glance.

But Max never expected that girl to do it.

Yes, it was Lisa.

She still had that complicated look on her face.

'Don't tell me it was the hero saving a beauty.'

'But on second thought, it wasn't possible between them.'

And Max would definitely stop Axle for falling for this b*tch.

"I will take the lead. Lisa and Axle will stay in the back, while the girls would be in the middle."

With that, Max took the layout of the area to see their way out.

"Ok, let's move."

But as they walked a few steps, Axle staggered. He lost the strength in his legs and his knees bent.

But as he was about to fall, the person beside him caught Axle.

It was Lisa.

Max couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Lisa support Axle by his shoulder. Did she really change?

But, very soon his misunderstanding got cleared as he could clearly hear her whisper to Axle.

"Don't get any wrong ideas. I am just repaying the favor."

Hearing her, Axle too replied, "You are the last person I want to have a misunderstanding with."


And they continued to walk trying to find their way out.


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