The Anatomy of Mike Jacobs Book

novel - Magical Realism

The Anatomy of Mike Jacobs

Enoch Nzima

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The Jacobs family has never been known for anything too good besides their money. Everyone who carried the name always had a huge burden to carry and worse off they were not the brightest…… academically speaking. They had been blessed with the looks of models and wealth only many could dream of but a very questionable thinking capacity. Mike on the other hand was different; he was born third out of four children and got envied by all his siblings including his younger sister. He was the only Jacob who was born different, the only one born special, the only one born with 'it'. He never understood why he was so different, why he wasn’t regular like the rest of his family even if regular meant being different, and not the good kind of different. He always envied himself thinking that him being different was not a good thing, at least that’s what his parents constantly reminded him of, which resulted in him hiding what he had and shying away from the real world. What happens when Mike has finally had enough of his family putting him to shame because he was……different. What happens when he decides that he’s had enough of his family and takes matters into his own hands? Will he ever make up with his family or will his gift be the cause of the unfixable relationship he had with his family…… not that he even had a relationship with them to begin with.