The Amulet : Journey of Eternity Book

novel - Fantasy

The Amulet : Journey of Eternity

Zack Zein

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  • 64 Chs

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A world that is full of mystery, Ruficia. Raihan Zein is ambitious to find a suitable king figure for his world. He also quickly completed his creation that could open a rift between dimensions. There he met his other self and he had a feeling that he was worthy to be their king and then both of them started their journey at Ruficia. But then, the boy that are agreed to be the king on that country then realized that he is immortal because of the fusion that accidentally happened when he was shaking hands with him and Raihan, Faried Zein, the forerunner of the King, then finds out about many things in the world and resolves the many conflicts that occur. Several hundred years since he lived on this planet with a long time dilation, Raihan then found a way to erase the curse as well as the blessing. Namely by collecting 7 amulets. Which spread to other dimensions and even realms. Amulet of happiness, age, time, anger, wisdom, bonds, and also blessings. Their story will be filled by 7 other people themselves, and accompanied by several friends from that dimension, the future, earth, even themselves in other realms and universes. Will his adventure of immortality end with the release of the curse? Or even the cause of immortality that will die?


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