The Alpha Prince and his Silver Lone Wolf Book

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The Alpha Prince and his Silver Lone Wolf


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"When you love someone, you do not give up on them! You fight until the end!” ~Selene "I refuse to lose you !! PLEASE !!" ~Prince Alcyd "Who needs love if I have the world under my palm?" ~King Viktor Under the Blood Moon, it is told in the prophecy that a she-wolf will be born with the mixed blood of a witch and a vampire. It is revealed that Selene will rule over the supernatural world and possessing the power to unite the werewolves. Selene lost her pack and family. She vows to search for her older brother, her only remaining relative who seems to be alive. Crown Prince Alcyd McSigurd, second son of King Viktor is the most arrogant, ruthless, and powerful among all his siblings. He is an Alpha too, though not the king of Alphas, like his father. Despite being nineteen, Alcyd is known as his father’s youngest general in the werewolf kingdom. Thus, dark forces fear the prophecy that is to come into fruition. A battle for supremacy over the supernatural world is bound to happen. [Volume 1] - War of the Werewolves [Volume 2] - Legion of Vampires As the war between werewolves ended, King Lionel gathered his own forces in his own claim for supremacy. Selene and her fated Alpha unite their forces together in their attempt of taking what was rightfully destined for the new chosen one against those who dared to claim the supreme throne. [Volume 3] - Return of The Dark Lord After the Second Greatest War, Selene and Alcyd welcome another chapter in their life as Selene reign as the Supreme Ruler while Alcyd protect his loved ones from the return of the Dark Lord. Will their love be enough to conquer the darkness? Can Selene and Alcyd keep their loved ones safe from the looming threat of darkness? [Volume 4] - New Generation (Coming Soon!) (New Generation!) --- What kind of twisted fate awaits the Alpha Prince and Selene? Will there be love conquers it all or will darkness take it all? The battle between good and evil; who will stand victorious in this battle for supremacy? ============== ** 1 or 2 Chapters Release on 18:00 +8 GMT ** ** Every First week of each month *** ~ Release of chapters will only increase based on demand and support of Readers. ** For Gift or Donation in any amount is highly appreciated! All gifts are immediately spent on medicines and food for my family. ** paypal.me/madskie00017 Discord: madskie00017#8773 Instagram: @alphaprincenovel -For behind the scenes and more personal look with the making of the story THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support !! ========= *** Disclaimer: *** This novel's story, characters, and setting are all fictitious. All involved concept and terms which were used for names, institution, agencies, positions/titles, abilities, living and non-living things are all just Author's imagination. There is no association or reflection towards anybody or any organization or any entity in real life.

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