The Alpha King Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Alpha King


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SHES MINE, MINE TO HEAL, MINE TO LOVE *** I have problems but don't we all? The difference is, will mine lead to my destruction or resolution? Will it lead me to my soul mate or keep me forever lonely? Will I be able to overcome my misery or welcome it as company? *** Victoria Miguel has always been an outcast and she's never understood why. When her mate finally finds her she does not want anything to do with him as she fears he will take one look at her and reject her just like everyone else has but he doesn't, in fact he is possessive, demanding and controlling. Victoria fears the more time she spends with her mate the more she is likely to cave and give in. The fact that her life and his is threatened makes her staying away from him extremely difficult. What will happen? Will she give in? Will he heal her soul?